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New in version 4.4

Name Description Mac/Win
Audit.GetIgnoreCalculations Queries whether stored calculations are audited. All
Audit.SetIgnoreCalculations Set whether stored calculations are audited. All
Clipboard.GetData Queries data from clipboard item. Mac/Win/iOS
Container.DecodeFromBase64 Decodes data from base64 text into a container value. All
Container.ReadArchive Reads an archived container. All
Container.WriteArchive Writes an archive with container value. All
DynaPDF.AddOutputIntent Represents the destination color space for which a PDF file was created. All
DynaPDF.AddOutputIntentEx Adds an ICC profile to the PDF file like AddOutputIntent but accepts a file as a container. All
DynaPDF.CheckConformance Converts a PDF file to a specific PDF standard according to the parameter Type. All
DynaPDF.CreateNamedDest The function creates a named destination that can be accessed from external PDF files. All
DynaPDF.CreateStructureTree Creates a global structure tree that is required to create Tagged PDF files. All
DynaPDF.GetCheckBoxChar Returns the character used for newly created check boxes. All
DynaPDF.GetCheckBoxCharEx Returns character index of the font ZapfDingbats that is used to display the on state of the check box. All
DynaPDF.GetCheckBoxDefState Returns the default state of a check box. All
DynaPDF.GetFontCount Returns the number of fonts which are used in the document. All
DynaPDF.GetFontOrigin Returns the current font origin. All
DynaPDF.GetFontSelMode Returns the current font selection mode. All
DynaPDF.GetFontWeight Returns the weight that will be used to emulate a bold font style. All
DynaPDF.SetCheckBoxChar Sets the character which should be used for newly created check boxes. All
DynaPDF.SetCheckBoxDefState Changes the default state of a check box. All
DynaPDF.SetCheckBoxState Changes the state of a check box. All
DynaPDF.SetFontOrigin Sets the current font origin that is used to position text strings. All
DynaPDF.SetFontSearchOrder Changes the font search order. All
DynaPDF.SetFontSelMode Changes the font selection mode. All
DynaPDF.SetFontWeight Changes the font weight. All
DynaPDF.SetLanguage Specifies the language of the document. All
GMImage.WriteToTiffContainer Writes the picture in TIFF format to a container value which you can store in a container field. All
JSON.Format Returns pretty printed JSON for the given JSON text. All
List.And Returns a list with values which are contained in both lists. All
List.Not Returns values of first list which are not in second list. All
List.Or Returns values of both lists. All
List.RegExMatch Matches a list against a pattern. All
List.Reverse Reverses the order of items in the list. All
List.XOr Returns list with values found in either first or second list, but not in both. All
QuickList.AddValue Adds a value to the list. All
QuickList.And Returns a list with values which are contained in both lists. All
QuickList.Clear Clears the content of the list. All
QuickList.Count Queries the count of items in list. All
QuickList.FindEquals Finds equal items in both lists. All
QuickList.FindUnequals Finds unequal items in both lists. All
QuickList.Free Frees the list. All
QuickList.GetList Queries the list as text. All
QuickList.GetValue Queries a value in the list. All
QuickList.New Creates a new list. All
QuickList.Not Returns values of first list which are not in second list. All
QuickList.Or Returns values of both lists. All
QuickList.RegExMatch Matches a list against a pattern. All
QuickList.RemoveDuplicateItems Removes duplicate items in the list. All
QuickList.RemoveEmptyItems Removes empty items in the list. All
QuickList.Reserve Reserves memory for a list of given size. All
QuickList.Reverse Reverses the order of items in the list. All
QuickList.SetList Sets the list to the content of the passed list. All
QuickList.SetValue Sets a value in the list. All
QuickList.Sort Sorts the list. All
QuickList.XOr Returns list with values found in either first or second list, but not in both. All
RegEx.CaptureCount Queries number of captured sub patterns. All
RegEx.Compile Compiles a pattern. All
RegEx.Execute Executes a statement. All
RegEx.Free Frees memory for a regular expression. All
RegEx.Match Matches a text against to a pattern. All
RegEx.MatchList Matches a list against a pattern. All
RegEx.MinimumLength Queries the minimum length of the text to match. All
RegEx.NameCount Queries number of names. All
RegEx.NamedSubstring Queries the named substring. All
RegEx.Options Queries the options to used when compiling the pattern. All
RegEx.Pattern Queries the pattern used to compile this regular expression. All
RegEx.Results Queries the result from execute. All
RegEx.Size Queries size of compiled pattern. All
RegEx.StringNumber Queries the index number of a name. All
RegEx.Study Studies the regular expression for improved execution speed. All
RegEx.Substring Queries a substring. All
RegEx.SubstringList Returns list of substrings. All
RegEx.Version Returns the version number of the PCRE library. All
RichText.ReadText Read rich text from text. Mac/iOS
RichText.ReplaceText Replaces text in current rich text document with new text. Mac/iOS
RichText.WriteContainer Writes current rich text to a container. Mac/iOS
RichText.WriteFile Writes current rich text to a file. Mac/iOS
SQL.SQLite3.EnableLoadExtension Enables extensions on SQLite 3. All
SendMail.SetMessageID Sets the message ID. All
SerialPort.AvailableBytes Queries number of bytes available in buffer. Mac/Win
ServiceProvider.Install Installs a service provider handler. Mac only
ServiceProvider.Uninstall Removes service provider. Mac only
ServiceProvider.Value Queries a value from last service invocation. Mac only
TAPI.AddressCount Returns number of addresses. Win only
TAPI.AddressValue Queries a property of an address. Win only
TAPI.Answer answers an incoming call. Win only
TAPI.BlindTransfer Performs a blind or single-step transfer of the specified call to the specified destination address. Win only
TAPI.CallInfo Queries details on current call. Win only
TAPI.Connect Attempts to complete the connection of an outgoing call. Win only
TAPI.CreateCall Creates a new phone call. Win only
TAPI.Dial Dials the specified address. Win only
TAPI.Disconnect Disconnects the call. Win only
TAPI.Finish Finishes the two-step process of transferring or adding the call to a conference. Win only
TAPI.HandoffDirect Hands off the call to another application based on the media type of the call. Win only
TAPI.Hold Places or removes the call from the hold. Win only
TAPI.Initialize Initializes the TAPI interface. Win only
TAPI.ListenOnAllAddresses Asks the plugin to check all addresses and wait for calls. Win only
TAPI.ParkDirect Parks the call at a specified address. Win only
TAPI.ParkIndirect Parks the call and returns the parked address. Win only
TAPI.Pickup Picks up a call alerting at the specified group identification. Win only
TAPI.RemoveFromConference Removes the call from a conference if it is involved in one. Win only
TAPI.Shutdown Shuts down TAPI support. Win only
TAPI.Unpark Gets the call from park. Win only
Text.ReadTextFromContainer Reads content of container value as text. All
Text.WriteToContainer Write a text as a FILE in a container. All

105 functions.

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