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New in version 4.3

Name Description Mac/Win
Barcode.SetOptions Sets options for barcode creation. All
Barcode.WriteFile Generates a barcode and writes to file. All
Container.ExtractStream Extracts a single frame and returns as new container value. All
Container.RenameStream Renames a stream in a container. All
DialogModifications.Clear Clears the internal replacements list. Mac only
DialogModifications.Install Installs feature which can rename dialog elements in FileMaker. Mac only
DialogModifications.Set Adds an entry to the replacements list. Mac only
DialogModifications.Uninstall Uninstalls the feature. Mac only
DragDrop.GetTypes Queries list of types. Mac only
DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFile Retrieves the details of an embedded file. All
DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFileAsContainer Returns an embedded file as a container. All
DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFileCount Returns the number of embedded files available in the PDF file. All
DynaPDF.GetImportFlags2 Queries the import flags. All
DynaPDF.MovePage The function moves a page to another position in the document. All
DynaPDF.SetImportFlags2 Sets optional flags to control the import of external PDF files. All
FM.DisableRuntimeEndWindow Disables end screen on runtime on Mac. Mac only
FileDialog.GetAllowsOtherFileTypes Queries if other file types. Mac only
FileDialog.GetFilter Queries which filter is defined. Mac/Win
FileDialog.SetAllowsOtherFileTypes Sets whether other file types are allowed. Mac only
FileDialog.SetFilter Queries whether other file types are allowed. Mac/Win
Files.FileInfo Queries some file information. Mac/Win/iOS
Files.GetPosixPermissions Queries posix file permissions. Mac/Linux/iOS
Files.ReadJPEG Reads a JPEG file from the file system. All
Files.ReadPDF Reads a PDF file from the file system. All
Files.ReadPNG Reads a PNG file from the file system. All
Files.SetPosixPermissions Sets posix file permissions. Mac/Linux/iOS
Folders.Applications Queries path to applications folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.LocalFonts Queries path to local font folder. Mac only
Folders.LocalPreferences Queries path to local preferences folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.SharedDocuments Queries path to shared documents folder. All
Folders.System Queries system folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.SystemFonts Queries path to system font folder. Mac/Win
Folders.SystemTemporary Queries temporary folder. All
Folders.UserDesktop Queries path to user's desktop folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.UserDocuments Queries path to user's document folder. All
Folders.UserFonts Queries path to user's font folder. Mac only
Folders.UserMusic Queries path to user's music folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.UserPreferences Queries path to user's preferences folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.UserVideo Queries path to user's video folder. Mac/Win/iOS
Folders.Windows Queries path to windows folder. Win only
GMImage.ReplaceColor Replaces a color with another color value for the whole image. All
IsClient Checks if plugin is running on a client. All
IsRuntime Checks if plugin is running on a runtime. All
IsServer Checks if plugin is running on a server. All
JSON.AddNumberToArray Adds a number to an array. All
JSON.AddStringToArray Adds a string to an array. All
JSON.CreateIntegerArray Creates a new JSON with an integer array with given values. All
JSON.ReplaceItemInArray Replaces an item in an array with new item. All
JSON.ReplaceItemInObject Replaces an item in an object with new item. All
ListDialog.GetHeight Queries height of dialog. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetWidth Queries the width of the dialog. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetHeight Sets the height of the dialog. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetWidth Sets the width of the dialog. Mac/Win
NetworkInterfaces.Count Queries number of network interfaces found. Mac/Linux/iOS
NetworkInterfaces.Update Queries current network interfaces. Mac/Linux/iOS
NetworkInterfaces.Value Queries the Mac/Linux/iOS
PDFKit.GetCurrentFilter Queries name of current selected filter. Mac only
PDFKit.SetCurrentFilter Sets the current filter. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.AddFile Adds file to the file list for preview. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.AddImage Adds an image to the list of files to preview. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.AddPDF Adds a PDF to the preview items. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.Clear Clears content of file list. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.GetHeight Queries height of panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.GetLeft Queries left position of panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.GetTop Queries height of panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.GetWidth Queries width of panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.Hide Hides the panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.IsVisible Checks if panel is visible. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.Move Moves the panel to the given position. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.Resize Resizes the panel. Mac only
QLPreviewPanel.Show Shows the panel. Mac only
QuartzFilterManager.Filters Queries list of all filters. Mac only
QuartzFilterManager.HidePanel Hides the panel for the Quartz Filter Manager. Mac only
QuartzFilterManager.ShowPanel Shows the panel for the Quartz Filter Manager. Mac only
SQL.GetFieldAsPDF Returns field's value as PDF value. All
SQL.GetParamAsPDF Returns parameters's value as PDF value. All
SendMail.AddAttachmentContainer Adds an attachment to the email based on a container field. All
SendMail.AddAttachmentFile Adds an attachment to the email based on a file path. All
SendMail.AddBCC Adds a blind copy recipient. All
SendMail.AddCC Adds a copy recipient. All
SendMail.AddHeader Adds an header to the email. All
SendMail.AddRecipient Adds a recipient. All
SendMail.AddReplyTo Adds a recipient for a reply. All
SendMail.AddTo Adds a recipient. All
SendMail.ClearAttachments Clears all attachments from this email. All
SendMail.ClearRecipients Clears all recipients. All
SendMail.CreateEmail Creates a new email. All
SendMail.GetSource Queries the source code for the email. All
SendMail.PrepareCURL Setups existing CURL session for an email transfer. All
SendMail.Release Releases all memory used by this email. All
SendMail.SetFrom Sets the email from address. All
SendMail.SetHTMLText Sets the HTML text of the new email. All
SendMail.SetInReplyTo Sets the in reply to message ID. All
SendMail.SetPlainText Sets the plain text of the new email. All
SendMail.SetRichText Sets the enriched text of the new email. All
SendMail.SetSMTPPassword Sets the password for SMTP server authentication. All
SendMail.SetSMTPServer Sets which SMTP server to use. All
SendMail.SetSMTPUserName Sets the username for SMTP server authentication. All
SendMail.SetSubject Sets the subject line. All
Socket.AvailableBytes Queries number of bytes in read buffer. All
Socket.CloseAll Closes all open sockets. All
Socket.LastError Queries the last error code for the given socket. All
Socket.PeekAll Peeks bytes from socket and returns them as text. All
Socket.PeekAllHex Peeks from socket and returns them hex encoded. All
Socket.ReadAll Reads bytes from socket and returns them as text. All
Socket.ReadAllHex Reads bytes from socket and returns them hex encoded. All
Socket.ReadLine Reads a line of data from socket and returns them as text. All
Socket.ReadLineHex Reads a line of data from socket and returns them as text. All
Text.DecodeFromQuotedPrintable Decodes a string with quoted printable encoding. All
Text.DecodeFromXML Decodes xml text. All
Text.EncodeEmailSubject Encodes an email subject. All
Text.EncodeToQuotedPrintable Returns a string with quoted printable characters. All
Text.EncodeToXML Encodes text as xml. All
Text.TextToHTML Creates HTML text for a given FileMaker formatted styled text. All
Toolbar.Install Installs necessary functions to modify FileMaker's toolbar. Mac only
Toolbar.InstallBackground Installs a background for the toolbar. Mac only
Toolbar.Register Registers a new toolbar button. Mac only
Toolbar.Unregister Removes an item from the list of identifiers. Mac only
Window.GetToolbarConfiguration Returns the toolbar configuration. Mac only
Window.GetToolbarCustomizationPaletteIsRunning Returns whether the toolbar customization palette is running (in use). Mac only
Window.GetToolbarVisible Returns whether the toolbar is visible. Mac only
Window.RunToolbarCustomizationPalette Runs the toolbar customization palette. Mac only
Window.SetToolbarConfiguration Sets the toolbar configuration. Mac only
Window.SetToolbarVisible Sets whether the toolbar is visible or hidden. Mac only
XL.Sheet.DelMergeByIndex Removes merged cells by index. All
XL.Sheet.HyperlinkSize Returns the number of hyperlinks in the sheet. All
XL.Sheet.Merge Gets the merged cells by index. All
XL.Sheet.MergeSize Returns a number of merged cells in this worksheet. All
XL.Sheet.SplitInfo Gets the split information (position of frozen pane) in the sheet. All
ZipFile.CRCFile Calculates CRC of a file. Mac/Win/iOS

134 functions.

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