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Adds an header to the email.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SendMail 4.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "SendMail.AddHeader"; EmailID; Header )   More


Parameter Description Example value
EmailID The email reference number obtained using SendMail.CreateEmail function. $EmailID
Header The new header entry. Passed to CURL later without modification.
Since version 6.4 this can be a list of headers.
"X-Company: Test Inc"


Returns OK or error.


Adds an header to the email.
This header is passed as is and not preprocessed.
You can use this function to pass custom headers for "X-Universally-Unique-Identifier:", "Date:", "X-Mailer:", "Message-Id:" and "Mime-Version:".
If you pass header without text following ":", the header is not included.


Add company name:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EmailID; "X-Company: Your Company Name")

Add X-URL header:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "X-URL:")

Add high priority:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "X-Priority: 1")

Add low priority:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "X-Priority: 5")

Add language

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "Content-Language: de")

Request read receipt:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "Disposition-Notification-To:")

Set email app:

MBS("SendMail.AddHeader"; $EMailID; "X-Mailer: FMCompanyManagerX")

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Created 3th September 2014, last changed 2nd September 2016

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