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New in version 4.2

Name Description Mac/Win
AppleScript.GetPropertyName Queries name of property with given index. Mac only
AppleScript.GetPropertyValue Queries property value text. Mac only
AppleScript.PropertyCount Queries the number of properties in the script. Mac only
AppleScript.SetPropertyValue Sets property value with new text. Mac only
Container.GetResolution Queries the DPI settings stored in a container. All
Dialog.CloseSheet Closes a sheet if there is one running. Mac only
Dialog.GetLastResult Provides the last result from the dialog. Mac/Win
Dialog.GetSheetFileName Queries notification script's file name. Mac only
Dialog.GetSheetRunning Queries if there is a sheet visible currently. Mac only
Dialog.GetSheetScriptName Queries notification script name. Mac only
Dialog.RunSheet Runs dialog as sheet. Mac only
Dialog.SetSheetFileName Defines file name for the notification script. Mac only
Dialog.SetSheetScriptName Defines script name for the notification script. Mac only
DynaPDF.AddValToChoiceField Adds a value to a choice field. All
DynaPDF.AllowPageBreak Defines how to handle page breaks. All
DynaPDF.CreateComboBox Creates a combo box. All
DynaPDF.CreateGroupField Creates a group field. A group field is a simple array of fields which can be used to separate fields into several groups. All
DynaPDF.CreateListBox This function creates a list box. All
DynaPDF.CreateRadioButton Creates a radio button field. All
DynaPDF.CreateSigField Creates an empty signature field which can be used to digitally sign the PDF file. All
DynaPDF.CreateSigFieldAP Creates a signature appearance template in the exact size of the base signature field. All
DynaPDF.FlattenAnnots Flatten annotations. All
DynaPDF.FlattenForm Flatten forms. All
DynaPDF.GetBorderStyle Returns the global border style which is used for newly created Interactive Form fields. All
DynaPDF.GetCharacterSpacing Returns the current character spacing. All
DynaPDF.GetDynaPDFVersion Returns the version string of DynaPDF. All
DynaPDF.GetInIsCollection Whether the currently opened import file is a portable collection. All
DynaPDF.GetInIsEncrypted Whether the currently opened import file is encrypted. All
DynaPDF.GetInIsSigned Whether a PDF file contains a digital signature. All
DynaPDF.GetInIsTrapped Queries value of the Trapped key in the current open import file. All
DynaPDF.GetInIsXFAForm Queries whether the current open import file contains an XFA form. All
DynaPDF.GetInRepairMode Queries whether the current open import file was opened in repair or normal mode. All
DynaPDF.GetIsFixedPitch Queries whether the active font is a fixed pitch font or 0 if the font is a variable pitch font. All
DynaPDF.GetIsTaggingEnabled Queries whether tagging is enabled. All
DynaPDF.GetOpacity Returns the opacity value used to draw the visible appearance of an annotation (requires Acrobat 5 or higher). All
DynaPDF.GetTextRise Queries the current text rise used to output text. All
DynaPDF.GetTextScaling Queries the current value of horizontal text scaling. All
DynaPDF.GetUseStdFonts Queries whether the 14 standard fonts are enabled. All
DynaPDF.GetUseSystemFonts Queries whether system fonts are used. All
DynaPDF.GetWordSpacing Returns the current word spacing. All
DynaPDF.IsInitialized Checks if DynaPDF library has been initialized. All
DynaPDF.SetBorderStyle Set the global border style which is used for newly created form fields. All
DynaPDF.SetCMapDir The function sets a search path from which external CMap files can be loaded. All
DynaPDF.SetCharacterSpacing Sets the current character spacing. All
DynaPDF.SetOpacity Sets the opacity value which is used to render the appearance of a text annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetTextRise Sets the text rise. All
DynaPDF.SetTextScaling Sets scaling for text. All
DynaPDF.SetUseStdFonts The function can be used to disable the 14 standard fonts temporarily. All
DynaPDF.SetUseSystemFonts The property specifies whether the system fonts should be automatically loaded. All
DynaPDF.SetWordSpacing Sets the word spacing. All
Files.DeleteFolder Deletes a file or folder directly without moving to trash. All
GMImage.GetStrokeDashArray Queries the pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths. All
GMImage.SetStrokeDashArray Specify the pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths. All
GZipFile.Compress Compresses a file. All
GZipFile.Decompress Decompresses a file. All
JSON.GetArrayItemsAsList Queries a list of all array entries. All
List.FindEquals Finds equal items in both lists. All
List.FindUnequals Finds unequal items in both lists. All
List.RemoveDuplicateItems Removes duplicate items in the list. All
List.RemoveEmptyItems Removes empty items in the list. All
List.Sort Sorts the list. All
ListDialog.AddItemToList Adds a line to the list. Mac/Win
ListDialog.AddItemsToList Adds entries to the list. Mac/Win
ListDialog.ClearList Clears the list. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetAllowMultipleSelection Queries whether multiple selection is allowed. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetCancelButtonLabel Queries the caption of the cancel button. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetPrompt Queries the current prompt text. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetSelectButtonLabel Queries the caption of the select button. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetSelectedTag Queries the selected tag. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetSelectedTitle Queries title of the selected item. Mac/Win
ListDialog.GetWindowTitle Queries the window title. Mac/Win
ListDialog.ListCount Queries number of list entries. Mac/Win
ListDialog.ListItem Queries the text displayed for the given index. Mac/Win
ListDialog.ListTag Queries the tag for the given index. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetAllowMultipleSelection Sets whether multiple selection is allowed. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetCancelButtonLabel Sets the caption of the cancel button. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetPrompt Sets prompt text. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetSelectButtonLabel Sets the caption of the select button. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetSelectedTag Sets which item is selected. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetSelectedTitle Sets which item is selected. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetWindowTitle Sets window title. Mac/Win
ListDialog.ShowDialog Shows the dialog. Mac/Win
OCR.IsInitialized Checks if OCR library has been initialized. All
PortMidi.Abort Terminates outgoing messages immediately. Mac/Win
PortMidi.CheckHostError Checks if there is a midi host error on the stream. Mac/Win
PortMidi.Close Closes a midi stream, flushing any pending buffers. Mac/Win
PortMidi.DeviceCount Queries number of devices found. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetChannelMask Queries current channel mask. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetDefaultInputDeviceID Return the default input device ID. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetDefaultOutputDeviceID Return the default output device ID. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetDeviceInfo Return device information. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetFilter Queries current filter setting. Mac/Win
PortMidi.OpenInput Opens an input device. Mac/Win
PortMidi.OpenOutput Opens an output device. Mac/Win
PortMidi.Poll Tests whether input is available. Mac/Win
PortMidi.ReadMessage Reads one Midi message from the buffers. Mac/Win
PortMidi.Rescan Terminates all streams and shutdown the midi functions. Mac/Win
PortMidi.SendMessage Sends a midi message. Mac/Win
PortMidi.SendMessageRaw Sends a raw message. Mac/Win
PortMidi.SendSysExHex Writes a timestamped system-exclusive midi message. Mac/Win
PortMidi.SetChannelMask Filters incoming messages based on channel. Mac/Win
PortMidi.SetFilter Sets filters on an open input stream to drop selected input types. Mac/Win
Process.FrontProcessBundleID Queries bundleID of the frontmost app. Mac only
Process.FrontProcessName Queries name of the frontmost app. Mac/Win
Process.FrontWindowTitle Queries name of the frontmost window. Mac/Win
Twain.IsInitialized Checks if Twain library has been initialized. Mac/Win
WebView.setZoom Sets the optical scale of the webpage. Win only
Window.GetTopMost Queries whether window is topmost. Mac/Win
Window.SetTopMost Sets window to be topmost. Mac/Win
XL.IsInitialized Checks if libXL library has been initialized. All

110 functions.

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