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Old functions names

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AppDockTile.getBadgeLabel Returns the tile's current badge label. Mac/iOS 2.6
AppDockTile.setBadgeLabel Sets the string to be displayed in the tile's badging area. Mac/iOS 2.6
CURL.SSLVersion Returns SSL Library version. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionFTPAppend Whether to append file instead of overwriting it. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionFTPListOnly Whether to only query names in file listing. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionForbitReuse Whether to disallow reusing connections. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionInFileLarge Sets the file input size. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionKRB4Level Sets the kerberos security level for FTP. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionSSLKeyPassword Sets the password for the SSL or SSH private key. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionMaxFileSizeLarge Sets the maximum file size for download. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionMaxRecvSpeedLarge Sets the maximum download speed. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionMaxSendSpeedLarge Sets the maximum sending speed. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionPostFieldSizeLarge Sets the length of post field data. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionResumeFromLarge Sets the resume from offset. All 2.5
CURL.SetOptionFTPSSL Sets whether to use SSL for next transfers. All 2.5
DynaPDF.Append This function appends an empty page to the document. All 3.1
DynaPDF.GetFieldEx Returns the most important properties of a field. All 4.0
DynaPDF.GetPageBounds Queries page size for a PDF page. All 3.0
EmailParser.Date Queries the date and time of the email. All 5.4
FM.QueryFields Queries the field names of all fields in the given table. All 3.1
FM.QueryTables Queries the table names of all tables currently open. All 3.1
Plattform Returns what platform the plugin is running on. All 3.0
BuildNumber Queries the build number of the plugin. All 5.0
DisableFunction Disables a plugin function. All 2.8
Functions Returns a list of all the functions in the plugin. All 1.0
CURL.OpenSSLVersion Queries OpenSSL Version. All 6.2
Seats Queries the internal seats value. All 1.6
SetFunctions Sets the function list the plugin has. All 5.1
Text.Speak.AvailableVoices Query the list of available voices. Mac/Win/iOS 6.4
Text.IsSpeaking Queries whether text is speaking. Mac/Win/iOS 7.5
Text.Speak Speaks text. Mac/Win/iOS 6.3
SystemInfo.MacGlobalIdleTime Returns the global idle time in seconds. Mac/Win 3.3
String.AppendTextFile You have to decide which encoding to use (if not native). We support a few encodings, but we can add more if you need something special. All 2.8
String.DecodeBytesFromBase64 Decodes base64 string and encodes it as byte values. All 3.0
String.DecodeFromBase64 Decode a base 64 string. All 3.0
String.DecodeFromBytes Decode a byte string. All 3.0
String.DecodeFromHTML Decodes html text. All 2.4
String.DecodeFromHex Decode a hex string. All 2.4
String.DecodeFromQuotedPrintable Decodes a string with quoted printable encoding. All 4.3
String.DecodeFromURL Decode an URL string. All 2.6
String.DecodeFromXML Decodes xml text. All 4.3
String.DecodeHexFromBase64 Decodes base64 string and encodes it as hex values. All 3.0
String.DecodeURLComponent Decodes an URL component. All 3.1
String.EncodeBytesToBase64 Encodes string with byte values to base 64. All 3.0
String.EncodeEmailSubject Encodes an email subject. All 4.3
String.EncodeHexToBase64 Encodes hex string to base 64. All 3.0
String.EncodeToBase64 Encode a base64 string. All 3.0
String.EncodeToBytes Encode a byte string. All 3.0
String.EncodeToHTML Encodes text as html. All 2.4
String.EncodeToHex Encode a hex string. All 2.4
String.EncodeToQuotedPrintable Returns a string with quoted printable characters. All 4.3
String.EncodeToURL Encode an URL string. All 2.6
String.EncodeToXML Encodes text as xml. All 4.3
String.EncodeURLComponent Encodes an URL component. All 3.1
String.FindBetween Searches text for text between the two search strings. All 3.0
String.JaroWinklerDistance Calculates the string distance. All 2.9
String.LevenshteinDistance Calculates the string distance. All 2.9
String.ReadTextFile Reads a text file. All 2.4
String.RemoveAccents Returns text without accents. All 2.1
String.RemoveAccentsCaseInsensitive Returns text without accents. All 2.1
String.RemoveNewLine Removes newline characters from string. All 2.4
String.ReplaceNewline Replaces newline characters. All 2.4
String.SoundEx Returns soundex string for the given text. All 2.1
String.SoundExGerman Returns soundex string for the given text. All 3.5
TextToRTF Creates RTF text for a given FileMaker formatted styled text. All 2.4
String.WriteTextFile Writes a text file with the given text. All 2.4
String.WriteToContainer Write a text as a FILE in a container. All 4.4
InstallURLEventHandler Installs an event handler for the URL event and calls the script you specify with the URL as parameter. Mac only 2.0
SetDefaultHandlerForURLScheme Sets the user's preferred handler for the specified URL scheme to point to the current application. Mac only 2.0
XL.Sheet.DeleteNameRange Deletes the named range by name. All 3.5

72 functions.

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