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Parks the call at a specified address.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
TAPI 4.4 No Yes Yes, Windows only No No
MBS( "TAPI.ParkDirect"; Call; Park )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Call The call reference number. $Call
Park The address where the call is to be parked.


Returns OK or error.


Parks the call at a specified address.
With directed park, the application determines the address at which it wants to park the call. With TAPI.ParkIndirect the switch determines the address and provides this to the application. In either case, a parked call can be unparked by specifying this address.
The parked call enters the disconnected state after it has been successfully parked.
Some switches can remind the user after a call has been parked for some long amount of time. The application sees an offering call with a call reason set to reminder.

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Created 22nd October 2014, last changed 1st December 2014

TAPI.ListenOnAllAddresses   -   TAPI.ParkIndirect

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