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Creates a new phone call.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
TAPI 4.4 No Yes Yes, Windows only No No
MBS( "TAPI.CreateCall"; AddressNameIndex; DestAddress; AddressType; MediaTypes )   More


Parameter Description Example value
AddressNameIndex The index of the address or the name of the address to identify which device to use. 0
DestAddress This text contains a destination address. The format is provider-specific. This can be "" for non-dialed addresses (such as with a hot phone) or when all dialing is performed using TAPI.Dial. "" in combination with a "" GroupID in TAPI.Pickpup results in a group pickup. Service providers that have inverse multiplexing capabilities can allow an application to specify multiple addresses at once. "123456789"
AddressType Contains an address type constant, such as phone number (1), which describes the format of the address. Phone Number is 1, Session Description Protocol (SDP) conference is 2, an e-mail name is 4, a domain name is 8, an IP address is 16. 1
MediaTypes Identifies the media type or types that will be involved in the call session. Can be 8 for audio. 8


Returns Call Reference ID or error.


Creates a new phone call.
The new call will be the new current call, so the TAPI.Dial function (and others) should work on it.

See for media types:

See for line address constants:

If your TAPI drivers are 32-bit only, it may or may not work in 64-bit.


Creates a call and connects:

$Call = MBS( "TAPI.CreateCall"; "MyPhone"; "1234567899"; 1; 8)
$r = MBS( "TAPI.Connect"; $Call; 1 )

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Created 8th November 2014, last changed 11st May 2016

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