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Opens file for reading data needed for upload, email sending or HTTP Post.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
CURL 2.6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "CURL.OpenInputFile"; curl; Path { ; Offset; Length } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
curl The CURL session handle. $curl
Path Native file path. "C:\Documents\Test.Txt"
Offset Optional
Available in MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.4 or newer.
Offset where to start reading relative to file start.
Length Optional
Available in MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.4 or newer.
Size of data to read from file.


Returns "OK" on success or error message.


Opens file for reading data needed for upload, email sending or HTTP Post.
If you set input file, the data from CURL.SetInput* functions is ignored.
Do not call this method while a transfer is running.

If you have data in container, please check CURL.SetInputFile.
You may need to use CURL.SetOptionUpload to make it an upload for FTP/SFTP.

If you specify offset and length, we only read that part of the file in memory.
Otherwise we stream from the file on request.

This function requires a native path. Use Path.FileMakerPathToNativePath to convert a FileMaker path to a native path if required. If you like to have the user choose the path, you can use FileDialog functions.
For Server be aware that server has limited permissions and may not be able to access all files on a computer.


Set input from file on disk:

Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS( "CURL.OpenInputFile"; $curl; "/Users/cs/Desktop/" ) ]

Upload file via FTP:

Set Variable [$curl; Value:MBS("CURL.New")]

# FTP URL with destination file name:
Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionURL" ; $curl ; "")]
Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionUpload" ; $curl ; 1)]
Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionPassword" ; $curl ; "xxx" )]
Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionUsername" ; $curl ; "yyy" )]

# Pick file from desktop:
Set Variable [$Desktop; Value: MBS("Folders.UserDesktop")]
Set Variable [$Path; Value: MBS("Path.AddPathComponent"; $desktop; "AZ1677ZZ.jpg")]
Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS( "CURL.OpenInputFile" ; $curl ;$path )]

# Pick file from container:
// Set Variable [$result; Value: MBS( "CURL.SetInputFile" ; $curl ; Test::ImageFileContainer )]

# Upload file
Set Field [Test::PerformResult; MBS( "CURL.Perform" ; $curl )]
Set Field [Test::DebugMessages; MBS( "CURL.GetDebugAsText" ; $curl)]
Set Variable [$result; Value:MBS( "CURL.Release" ; $curl )]

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 19th April 2020

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