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Sets the file path for the public key file.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
CURL 2.5 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
MBS( "CURL.SetOptionSSHPublicKeyfile"; curl; Value { ; Encoding } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
curl The CURL session handle. $curl
Value The new public key file path. "c:\"
Encoding The text encoding for text parameter.
Default is UTF-8.
Possible encoding names: ANSI, ISO-8859-1, Latin1, Mac, Native, UTF-8, DOS, Hex, Base64 or Windows. More listed in the FAQ.
"UTF8" Optional


Returns "OK" on success.


Sets the file path for the public key file.
If not used, libcurl defaults to using ~/.ssh/

Usually the public key is part of private key file, so you don't need an extra public key file.
For a SFTP transfer (= file transfer over SSH), you would tell the plugin your public and private keys, so the plugin can login.

See also CURL.SetOptionSSHAuthTypes, which needs to include flag 1 (CURLSSH_AUTH_PUBLICKEY) and you may need to use CURL.SetOptionKeyPassword to provide password for key file if needed.

See also SSH_PUBLIC_KEYFILE option in CURL manual.


Login via SSH with public key:

Set Variable [ $curl ; Value: MBS("CURL.New") ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionURL"; $curl; "s" ) ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionVerbose"; $curl; 1) ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionUpload"; $curl; 1) ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionConnectionTimeout"; $curl; 10) ]
# specify paths to keys, public key optional as it is usually included in private key file:
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionSSHPrivateKeyfile"; $curl; "/Users/jameykey/.ssh/id_rsa") ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionSSHPublicKeyfile"; $curl; "/Users/jameykey/.ssh/") ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionUserName"; $curl; CURL Test::Name) ]
# no password with private key!
// Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetOptionPassword"; $curl; CURL Test::Password) ]
# upload text or open a file path
Set Variable [ $d ; Value: "Just a little bit text. Have fun!" ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.SetInputText"; $curl; $d) ]
// Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.OpenInputFile"; $curl; "/Users/test/Desktop/test.fmp12") ]
# do it!
Set Field [ CURL Test::Result ; MBS("CURL.Perform"; $curl) ]
Set Field [ CURL Test::debug ; MBS("CURL.GetDebugMessages"; $curl) ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: MBS("CURL.Release"; $curl) ]

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 17th February 2022

CURL.SetOptionSSHPrivateKeyfile - CURL.SetOptionSSLCert