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Queries list of node names in an XML.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
XML 7.0 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
MBS( "XML.NodeNames"; XML { ; recursive; Flags } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
XML The XML to process.
Can be XML as text or the reference returned by XML.Parse function, so you can make several times queries to the XML without parsing it each time.
recursive Whether to recurse in sub tree.
Pass 1 for rescursive or 0 for non-recursive.
Default is 0.
1 Optional
Flags Various Flags.
Add 1 to ignore errors in xml and continue parsing. This may lead to not everything in the xml being read.
Add 16 to ignore empty tags. (new in plugin version 7.1)
0 Optional


Returns list or error.


Queries list of node names in an XML.
Excludes the root node. The list has no duplicates.

The error "xmlParseEntityRef: no name" means you have an unescaped & in the XML and you should replace it with "&amp;".


Query list of node names:

MBS( "XML.NodeNames"; "<Person><FirstName>Markus</FirstName><LastName>Müller</LastName><City>New York</City></Person>")

Example result:

Create records and fill fields with xml values:

Go to Layout [“XML Parser”]
# find the node with all the records we need:
Set Variable [$oxml; Value:MBS( "XML.SubTree"; XML Parser::Input XML; "Body¶GetCategoryProductsResponse" )]
# query number of products
Set Variable [$count; Value:MBS( "XML.NodeCount"; $oxml; "PRODUCT")]
# loop over products
Set Variable [$index; Value:0]
    # get a product
    Set Variable [$xml; Value:MBS( "XML.SubTree"; $oxml; "PRODUCT"; $index)]
    # get the names of the XML nodes
    Set Variable [$names; Value:MBS( "XML.NodeNames"; $xml; 0; 16)]
    # loop over the names
    Set Variable [$NameCount; Value:ValueCount ( $names )]
    Set Variable [$NameIndex; Value:1]
    New Record/Request
        # Query a value and put it in a field
        Set Variable [$name; Value:GetValue($names; $NameIndex)]
        Set Field By Name ["XML Parser::" & $name; GetXMLValue( $xml; $name)]
        Set Variable [$NameIndex; Value:$NameIndex + 1]
        Exit Loop If [$NameIndex$NameCount]
    End Loop
    Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]
    Set Variable [$index; Value:$index + 1]
    Exit Loop If [$index$count]
End Loop

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Created 25th December 2016, last changed 9th March 2023

XML.NodeCount - XML.Parse