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Component: XML

Functions for working on XML text.

With XPath queries you can query values or lists from XML.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
XML.Canonical Creates canonical xml. All 6.2
XML.ClearVariables Clears the variables. All 7.0
XML.ExtractText Extracts the text from the XML tree. All 7.0
XML.Format Formats XML document. All 6.2
XML.GetAttribute Queries text of an attribute. All 7.0
XML.HasAttribute Queries whether an attribute exists. All 7.0
XML.Import Imports XML and creates tables, fields and records. All 5.3
XML.Import.Cancel Cancels current import. All 5.3
XML.Import.SetBaseFields Sets the names of the base fields per record. All 7.1
XML.Import.SetExtraField Sets the extra field to add to all tables. All 7.1
XML.Import.Status Queries status of xml import. All 5.3
XML.Import.Todo Queries how many items are to be done for XML import. All 5.3
XML.Import.Total Queries total items to be imported. All 5.3
XML.Import.Work Performs import. All 5.4
XML.ListAttributes Lists attribute names. All 7.0
XML.NodeCount Counts nodes with given name. All 7.0
XML.NodeNames Queries list of node names in an XML. All 7.0
XML.Parse Parses a XML document. All 7.3
XML.Query Performs an XPath query. All 3.0
XML.Release Releases an XML object. All 7.3
XML.ReleaseAll Releases all XML objects. All 7.3
XML.SetVariables Creates local variables in script for XML nodes. All 7.0
XML.SubTree Extracts a given subtree. All 7.0

23 functions.

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