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New in version 5.4

Name Description Mac/Win
AVAsset.TimeCodes Reads time codes from asset. Mac/iOS
Addressbook.person.SetBirthdayComponents Sets the birthday data components. Mac/iOS
Addressbook.recordsMatchingSearchElement Searches matching records. Mac only
Addressbook.searchElementForConjunction Joins several search elements. Mac only
Addressbook.searchElementForProperty Creates a new search element. Mac only
Audit.GetIgnoreSummaryFields Queries whether summary fields are audited. All
Audit.SetIgnoreSummaryFields Set whether summary fields are audited. All
CURL.List Lists all IDs of current CURL transfers. All
CURL.SetOptionLoginOptions Sets login options string to use for the transfer. All
DynaPDF.Print Prints the PDF file that is currently in memory. Win only
ECKey.BuiltInCurves Queries built in curves. All
ECKey.Description Returns an user readable description text for the current key. All
ECKey.Duplicate Creates a copy of the key. All
ECKey.Generate Generates a new pair of private and public keys. All
ECKey.PrivateKey Queries the private key. All
ECKey.PublicKey Queries the public key. All
ECKey.ReadPrivateKey Reads a private key from text. All
ECKey.ReadPublicKey Reads a public key from text. All
ECKey.Release Releases the key. All
ECKey.Sign Signs the given data. All
ECKey.Size Queries the size of the key in bytes. All
ECKey.Verify Verifies the digital signature. All
EmailParser.Hash Returns a SHA512 hash for the email source parsed. All
EmailParser.SentDate Queries the date and time of the email. All
EmailParser.Source Returns the source of the email as we parsed it. All
EmailParser.SourceWithoutAttachments Returns the source of the email without attachments. All
FSEvents.Create Creates a new FSEvents monitor. Mac only
FSEvents.CurrentEventId Queries current event ID for system. Mac only
FSEvents.Description Queries description event for this FSEvents object. Mac only
FSEvents.EventCount Queries number of events in queue. Mac only
FSEvents.FlushASync Flushes events asynchronously. Mac only
FSEvents.FlushSync Flushes events synchronously. Mac only
FSEvents.GetFileName Returns the file name for the scheduled script start. Mac only
FSEvents.GetScriptName Returns the script name for the scheduled script start. Mac only
FSEvents.HasNextEvent Checks if there is a pending event in the queue. Mac only
FSEvents.LatestEventId Queries latest Event ID for this stream. Mac only
FSEvents.NextEvent Queries next event in queue. Mac only
FSEvents.PathsBeingWatched Queries the paths being watched. Mac only
FSEvents.Release Releases the FSEvents object. Mac only
FSEvents.SetFileName Sets the file name for scheduled script start. Mac only
FSEvents.SetScriptName Sets the script name for scheduled script start. Mac only
FSEvents.Show Shows details for this FSEvents object on console. Mac only
FSEvents.Start Starts FSEvents monitor. Mac only
FSEvents.Started Queries if FSEvents monitor is started. Mac only
FSEvents.Stop Stops FSEvent monitor. Mac only
Files.CanOpenFile Checks if plugin can read file. All
HotKey.GetEnabled Queries the enabled state. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetIgnoreOnModal Queries state for modal dialogs. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetLocal Queries the local flag. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetName Queries the name defined for this hotkey. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetTag Queries the tag defined for this hotkey. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetEnabled Sets the enabled state. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetIgnoreOnModal Sets state for modal dialogs. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetLocal Sets the local flag. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetName Sets the name of a hotkey. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetTag Sets the tag of a hotkey. Mac/Win
JSON.Import Imports JSON and creates tables, fields and records. All
JSON.Import.Cancel Cancels current import. All
JSON.Import.Status Queries status of xml import. All
JSON.Import.Todo Queries how many items are to be done for XML import. All
JSON.Import.Total Queries total items to be imported. All
JSON.Import.Work Performs import. All
JavaScript.CheckScriptSyntax Checks script syntax. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.EvaluateScript Evaluate a string of JavaScript code. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.GetProperty Queries property value as text. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.HasProperty Checks if a property is defined. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.New Creates a new javascript context. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.RegisterEvaluateFunction Registers evaluate function. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.RegisterFunction Registers a javascript function. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.RegisterRunScriptFunction Registers a run script function. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.RegisterSQLQueryFunction Registers a SQLQuery function. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.Release Releases a javascript context. Mac/iOS
JavaScript.SetProperty Sets property value. Mac/iOS
List.MatchesPostfix Finds list entries which have a given postfix text. All
List.MatchesPrefix Finds list entries which have a given prefix text. All
List.ValueIndex Finds the index for a given value. All
Plugin.LimitFunction Limits a function. All
Plugin.LockFunction Locks a function with a password. All
Plugin.UnlockFunction Unlocks a locked function. All
QuickList.MatchesPostfix Finds list entries which have a given postfix text. All
QuickList.MatchesPrefix Finds list entries which have a given prefix text. All
QuickList.ValueIndex Finds the index for a given value. All
RichText.ReadWebviewer Reads formatted text from webviewer content. Mac/iOS
SerialPort.CloseAll Closes all serial ports. Mac/Win
SyntaxColoring.GetScriptHighlightColor Queries the current highlight color. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.RelationshipGraphSearchBox.GetEnabled Queries whether relationship graph shows a search box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.RelationshipGraphSearchBox.SetEnabled Enables or disables relation graph search box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptGoToBox.GetEnabled Queries whether script editor shows a goto box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptGoToBox.SetEnabled Enables or disables script go to box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptSearchBox.GetEnabled Queries whether script editor shows a search box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptSearchBox.SetEnabled Enables or disables script search box. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.SetScriptHighlightColor Sets the highlight color. Mac only
Text.Deserialize Restores a styled text. All
Text.FileExtensionToMimeType Finds a mime type for a file extension. All
Text.MimeTypeToFileExtension Returns file extension for given mime type. All
Text.Serialize Serializes styled text as text. All
Window.Fade Fades window in or out. Mac/Win
Window.ModalDialogFront Checks if there is a front dialog window. Mac/Win
Window.Screenshot Creates screenshot from a window. Mac/Win
WordFile.HasTag Checks if a tag exists. All
WordFile.OpenContainer Opens a word file from container. All
WordFile.OpenFile Opens a word file from file. All
WordFile.OpenText Opens a word xml file from text. All
WordFile.Release Frees the memory used for the word file. All
WordFile.ReplaceTag Replaces a placeholder with text. All
WordFile.Texts Extracts text of word file. All
WordFile.WriteFile Writes a file to disk. All
XL.Book.DeleteSheetsExcept Deletes all sheets except the one with given name. All
XL.Book.SheetIndexForName Queries sheet index for sheet name. All
XL.Book.Sheets Queries list of sheet names. All
XML.Import.Work Performs import. All

111 functions.

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