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New in version 5.3

Name Description Mac/Win
Audit.GetIgnoreUnderscoreFieldNames Queries the state of the underscore ignore setting. All
Audit.SetIgnoreUnderscoreFieldNames Sets whether to ignore all field names whose name starts with underscore character. All
CURL.GetResultAsEmail Queries the result of the CURL transfer and parses as email. All
Container.Compress Compresses a container value. All
Container.Decompress Decompresses a container value. All
DynaPDF.GetGStateFlags Returns the current graphics state flags. All
DynaPDF.InitColorManagement Enables color management for render functions. All
DynaPDF.SetGStateFlags Sets optional flags affecting the graphics state, coordinate handling, as well as color and image conversion rules. All
DynaPDF.ShowDifferences Shows differences on two PDF pages by adding highlight annotations. All
EmailParser.Address Queries an address value. All
EmailParser.AddressCount Queries number of addresses. All
EmailParser.Attachment Queries an attachment property. All
EmailParser.AttachmentCount Queries number of attachments. All
EmailParser.Free Frees the email parser. All
EmailParser.HTMLText Queries html text of email. All
EmailParser.HTMLToPlainText Converts HTML to plain text. All
EmailParser.Header Queries a header entry. All
EmailParser.HeaderCount Queries number of header entries. All
EmailParser.Inline Queries an inline graphics property. All
EmailParser.InlineCount Queries number of inline images. All
EmailParser.List Lists all email parser reference numbers. All
EmailParser.MessageID Queries the message ID of the email. All
EmailParser.Parse Parses an email. All
EmailParser.ParseFile Parses an email from a file. All
EmailParser.PlainText Queries plain text of email. All
EmailParser.Subject Queries the subject line of the email. All
EmailParser.WriteAttachment Writes an attachment to a file path. All
EmailParser.WriteInline Writes an inline graphics to a file path. All
FM.InsertRecordTSV Inserts records based on tab/return separated text. All
QuickList.List Returns list of all quick list IDs. All
RegEx.List Returns list of all regex IDs. All
SQL.GetRecordsAsText Queries all records as text. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.Activate Activates the internal SQLite library. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.Activated Checks if internal SQLite library is used. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.Deactivate Deactivates the use of internal SQLite library. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.SourceID Returns the source code ID. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.Version Returns the SQLite version number. All
SQL.InternalSQLiteLibrary.VersionNumber Returns the SQLite version number. All
SQL.SQLite3.ReKey You can change the key on a database using the Rekey Function. All
SQL.SQLite3.SetKey Sets the encryption key to use. All
Social.AccountProperty Queries details of an account. Mac/iOS
Social.Accounts Queries an array of all the accounts in an account database. Mac/iOS
Social.HasAccessForAccountType Checks if we do have permissions for this type of service. Mac/iOS
Social.RequestAccessForAccountType Requests permissions to use accounts. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.AddParameter Adds a parameter to the request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.ClearMultipartData Clears the multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.ClearParameter Clears the parameter list for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetAccount Queries the account identifier for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetMultiPartDataCount Query number of multi part data in this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetParameterCount Queries number of parameters for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetRequestMethod Queries request method. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetResponse Queries details on the response. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetServiceType Queries the service type. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.GetURL Queries the URL for the request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.New Creates a new social request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.Perform Performs the request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.Release Releases request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.SetAccount Sets the account to use for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.SetRequestMethod Sets the request method for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.SetServiceType Sets the service type to use. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.SetURL Sets the request URL. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.addMultipartContainer Adds multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS
SocialRequest.addMultipartText Adds multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS
Socket.GetBroadcast Queries whether broadcasts are allowed. All
Socket.GetMulticastLoop Queries whether multicast packets are also sent to the sending socket. All
Socket.GetMulticastTimeToLive Queries time to live for multicast data packets. All
Socket.GetTimeToLive Queries time to live for data packets. All
Socket.SetBroadcast Enables or disables whether broadcasts are allowed. All
Socket.SetMulticastLoop Sets whether multicast packets are also sent to the sending socket. All
Socket.SetMulticastTimeToLive Sets time to live for multicast data packets. All
Socket.SetTimeToLive Sets time to live for data packets. All
Text.ReadEMLXFile Reads email text from emlx file. All
Window.AddBottomOverlay Adds a control on bottom of the window to hide FileMakers controls behind it. Mac only
XML.Import Imports XML and creates tables, fields and records. All
XML.Import.Cancel Cancels current import. All
XML.Import.Status Queries status of xml import. All
XML.Import.Todo Queries how many items are to be done for XML import. All
XML.Import.Total Queries total items to be imported. All

78 functions.

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