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Component: String

Functions for working on text.

Name Description Mac/Win
String.AppendTextFile You have to decide which encoding to use (if not native). We support a few encodings, but we can add more if you need something special. Both
String.DecodeBytesFromBase64 Decodes base64 string and encodes it as byte values. Both
String.DecodeFromBase64 Decode a base 64 string. Both
String.DecodeFromBytes Decode a byte string. Both
String.DecodeFromHex Decode a hex string. Both
String.DecodeFromHTML Decodes html text. Both
String.DecodeFromURL Decode an URL string. Both
String.DecodeHexFromBase64 Decodes base64 string and encodes it as hex values. Both
String.DecodeURLComponent Decodes an URL component. Both
String.EncodeBytesToBase64 Encodes string with byte values to base 64. Both
String.EncodeHexToBase64 Encodes hex string to base 64. Both
String.EncodeToBase64 Encode a base64 string. Both
String.EncodeToBytes Encode a byte string. Both
String.EncodeToHex Encode a hex string. Both
String.EncodeToHTML Encodes text as html. Both
String.EncodeToURL Encode an URL string. Both
String.EncodeURLComponent Encodes an URL component. Both
String.FindBetween Searches text for text between the two search strings. Both
String.JaroWinklerDistance Calculates the string distance. Both
String.LevenshteinDistance Calculates the string distance. Both
String.ReadTextFile Reads a text file. Both
String.RemoveAccents Returns text without accents. Both
String.RemoveAccentsCaseInsensitive Returns text without accents. Both
String.RemoveNewLine Removes newline characters from string. Both
String.ReplaceNewline Replaces newline characters. Both
String.SoundEx Returns soundex string for the given text. Both
String.SoundExGerman Returns soundex string for the given text. Both
String.WriteTextFile Writes a text file with the given text. Both

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