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Removes newline characters from string.

Component: Text
Version: 2.4
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "Text.RemoveNewLine"; Text )

(old name: String.RemoveNewLine)


Parameter Description Example value
Text The text to process. "Hello World"


Text without newline characters.


Removes newline characters from string.
FileMaker has a text replace command, but can't process all combinations of newline characters with it. As this function removes all newlines independent of whether you have CR, LF or CRLF in any combination.
We needed this for a client in combination with WebView.RunJavaScriptReturnTitle. An older version of Internet Explorer made trouble with newline characters inside javascript text, so we removed them.


Remove newlines from field

MBS( "Text.RemoveNewLine"; Test Database::TextField )

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