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Encodes text as html.

Component: Text
Version: 2.4
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "Text.EncodeToHTML"; text { ; mode } )

(old name: String.EncodeToHTML)


Parameter Description Example value
text The text you want to encode. "Grüße"
mode Optional
Default 0 for using named entities.
Pass 1 for decimal and 2 for hex encoded numbers instead.


The encoded text.


Encodes text as html.
All special and unicode characters are escaped.
Lower ASCII control characters are ignored.

You may want to use Text.ReplaceNewline after this function to replace new line characters with <br> (mode 4) or <br /> (mode 5).


Encode text as html

MBS( "Text.EncodeToHTML"; "Grüße" )

Example result: "Gr&uuml;&szlig;e"

Encode smileys:

MBS("Text.EncodeToHTML"; "😀😁😂😃")

Example result: "&#128512;&#128513;&#128514;&#128515;"

Encode ä three ways:

MBS( "Text.EncodeToHTML"; "ä"; 0) & ¶ &
MBS( "Text.EncodeToHTML"; "ä"; 1) & ¶ &
MBS( "Text.EncodeToHTML"; "ä"; 2)

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