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Component: ECKey

Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

Generate private and public keys, sign with private key and verify with public key.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
ECKey.BuiltInCurves Queries built in curves. Both 5.4
ECKey.Description Returns an user readable description text for the current key. Both 5.4
ECKey.Duplicate Creates a copy of the key. Both 5.4
ECKey.Generate Generates a new pair of private and public keys. Both 5.4
ECKey.PrivateKey Queries the private key. Both 5.4
ECKey.PublicKey Queries the public key. Both 5.4
ECKey.ReadPrivateKey Reads a private key from text. Both 5.4
ECKey.ReadPublicKey Reads a public key from text. Both 5.4
ECKey.Release Releases the key. Both 5.4
ECKey.Sign Signs the given data. Both 5.4
ECKey.Size Queries the size of the key in bytes. Both 5.4
ECKey.Verify Verifies the digital signature. Both 5.4

12 functions.

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