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Creates a SSH tunnel on the session.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SSH 8.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "SSH.Tunnel.Run"; SSH; RemoteHost; RemotePort; LocalHost; LocalPort )   More


Parameter Description Example value
SSH The SSH session reference number from the plugin. $ssh
RemoteHost The remote host to forward to.
Can be IP or domain name.
RemotePort The destination port to connect to. 80
LocalHost The local interface to listen on. ""
LocalPort The local port to listen on. 8000


Returns OK or error.


Creates a SSH tunnel on the session.
Please create, connect and authenticate a session for use as a tunnel.
For best result, please don't use the same session for other things while tunnel is running.

The tunnel allows currently one connection through it, e.g. run one tunnel per MySQL connection to go through the tunnel. If you need multiple tunnels, please create multiple SSH connections.

The MBS Plugin can spin of a new preemptive thread to run a tunnel to forward a SSH connection from local socket to remote server via SSH tunnel.
This works well e.g. for database access with MySQL.
By using our own thread, we are not blocking or blocked by your FileMaker scripts.

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Created 22nd October 2018, last changed 22nd October 2018

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