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New in version 8.1

Name Description Mac/Win
Barcode.GetInputMode Queries input mode. All
Barcode.GetOption Queries option by index. All
Barcode.SetInputMode Sets input mode. All
Barcode.SetOption Sets option by index. All
Dictionary.CreateNamed Creates a new dictionary with desired key. All
DragDrop.GetFileDescriptor Queries file descriptor. Win only
DragDrop.GetFileDescriptorCount Queries number of file descriptors. Win only
DynaPDF.List Lists all IDs of current DynaPDF contexts. All
FM.PatchNotificationProblem Patched problem with Scroll Notifications. Mac only
FM.SQL.JSONRecord Returns a row as JSON object. All
FM.SQL.JSONRecords Returns rows as JSON array. All
GMImage.List Lists all IDs of images in memory. All
IKScannerDevicePanel.SetCloseTrigger Sets a close trigger. Mac only
List.CountValues Counts values in list. All
Plugin.ZLibVersion Queries zlib version number. All
Text.CountWords Counts words. All
Text.ListWords Split words and list them. All
WebView.CreateOnPopover Creates a new webview inside the window on top of popover with the given rectangle. Mac only
XML.SetPathXML Sets path value with XML sub tree. All
XML.Validate Validates XML against schema. All

20 functions.

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