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New in version 8.2

Name Description Mac/Win
Audit.FieldIDForName Looks up the Audit cache for a field name. All
Audit.TableIDForName Looks up the Audit cache for a table name. All
CURL.GetActiveSocket Receive the active socket used by this curl session. All
CURL.GetFormData Queries form data as it would be sent currently. All
CURL.GetHTTPVersion Queries http version. All
CURL.GetLastSocket Queries last used socket handle. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionChunkLengthPenaltySize Queries chunk length penalty size. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionContentLengthPenaltySize Queries content length penalty size. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionMaxConnects Queries max connects setting. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionMaxHostConnections Queries max host connections value. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionMaxPipelineLength Queries max pipeline length. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionMaxTotalConnections Queries max total connections value. All
CURL.GetMultiOptionPipelining Queries pipelining mode. All
CURL.GetMultiRunningTransfers Queries running transfers count. All
CURL.GetOptionConnectTo Queries connect to list. All
CURL.GetOptionHTTP200Aliases Queries HTTP 200 aliases list. All
CURL.GetOptionHTTPHeader Queries HTTP request headers. All
CURL.GetOptionMailRecipients Queries mail recipients list. All
CURL.GetOptionPostQuote Queries post quote list. All
CURL.GetOptionPreQuote Queries pre quote list. All
CURL.GetOptionProxyHeader Queries proxy header request list. All
CURL.GetOptionQuote Queries quote list. All
CURL.GetOptionResolve Queries resolve list. All
CURL.GetOptionTelnetOptions Queries telnet options list. All
CURL.GetProtocol Queries protocol used. All
CURL.GetProxySSLVerifyResult Queries result of proxy ssl verification. All
CURL.GetScheme Queries scheme. All
CURL.LibIDNVersion Queried LibIDN version. All
CURL.LibSSHVersion Queries SSH library version. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionChunkLengthPenaltySize Sets chunk length penalty size. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionContentLengthPenaltySize Sets content length penalty size. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionMaxConnects Sets max connects setting. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionMaxHostConnections Sets max host connections value. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionMaxPipelineLength Sets max pipeline length. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionMaxTotalConnections Sets max total connections value. All
CURL.SetMultiOptionPipelining Sets pipelining mode. All
CURL.SetOptionAbstractUnixSocket Sets path to an abstract Unix domain socket. All
CURL.SetOptionAcceptTimeoutMS Sets time-out for accept. All
CURL.SetOptionConnectTo Sets the connect to list. All
CURL.SetOptionDNSServers Set the name servers to use for DNS resolution. All
CURL.SetOptionDefaultProtocol Set the protocol used when curl is given a URL without a protocol. All
CURL.SetOptionExpect100TimeoutMS Sets Expect 100 timeout. All
CURL.SetOptionGSSAPIDelegation Allow GSSAPI credential delegation. All
CURL.SetOptionHappyEyeballsTimeOutMS Sets the happy eyeballs timeout. All
CURL.SetOptionHeaderOptions Pass in a bitmask of "header options". All
CURL.SetOptionKeepSendingOnError Sets wether to keep sending on error. All
CURL.SetOptionPathAsIs Set to pass path as it is and do not resolve dots. All
CURL.SetOptionPinnedPublicKey Set the public key in DER form used to validate the peer public key. All
CURL.SetOptionPipeWait Sets Wait/don't wait for pipe/mutex to clarify. All
CURL.SetOptionPreProxy Name of pre proxy to use. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyCAInfo The CApath or CAfile used to validate the proxy certificate. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyCAPath Set the CApath directory used to validate the proxy certificate. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyCRLFile Sets CRL file for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyHeader Set list of headers used for proxy requests only. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyKeyPassword Sets password for the SSL private key for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyPinnedPublicKey Sets pinned public key for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLCert Sets name of the file keeping your private SSL-certificate for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLCertType Sets type of the file keeping your SSL-certificate for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLCipherList Specify which SSL ciphers to use for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLKey Sets name of the file keeping your private SSL-key for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLKeyType Sets type of the file keeping your private SSL-key for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLOptions Enable/disable specific SSL features with a bitmask for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLVerifyHost Enable SSL Host verification. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLVerifyPeer Set if we should verify the proxy in ssl handshake. All
CURL.SetOptionProxySSLVersion Sets what version to specifically try to use for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyServiceName Sets Proxy Service Name. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyTLSAuthPassword Set a password for authenticated TLS for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyTLSAuthType Set authentication type for authenticated TLS for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionProxyTLSAuthUsername Set a username for authenticated TLS for proxy. All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPClientCSEQ Manually initialize the client RTSP CSeq for this handle. All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPRequest RTSP request method (OPTIONS, SETUP, PLAY, etc...) All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPServerCSEQ Manually initialize the server RTSP CSeq for this handle. All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPSessionID The RTSP session identifier. All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPStreamURI The RTSP stream URI. All
CURL.SetOptionRTSPTransport The Transport: header to use in RTSP requests. All
CURL.SetOptionRequestTarget Set the request target, instead of extracted from the URL. All
CURL.SetOptionResolve Sets resolve list. All
CURL.SetOptionSASLIR Enable/disable SASL initial response. All
CURL.SetOptionSSHCompression Enable/disable SSH compression. All
CURL.SetOptionSSLEnableALPN Enable/disable TLS ALPN extension (http2 over ssl might fail without). All
CURL.SetOptionSSLEnableNPN Enable/disable TLS NPN extension (http2 over ssl might fail without) All
CURL.SetOptionSSLFalseStart Set if we should enable TLS false start. All
CURL.SetOptionSSLOptions Enable/disable specific SSL features with a bitmask. All
CURL.SetOptionSSLVerifyStatus Set if we should verify the certificate status. All
CURL.SetOptionServiceName Sets Service Name. All
CURL.SetOptionSocks5Auth Sets allowed authentication methods for SOCKS 5 proxies All
CURL.SetOptionStreamDepends Sets stream dependency on another CURL session. All
CURL.SetOptionStreamDependsE Sets exclusive stream dependency on another CURL session. All
CURL.SetOptionStreamWeight Set stream weight, 1 - 256. All
CURL.SetOptionSuppressConnectHeaders Suppress proxy CONNECT response headers from header data. All
CURL.SetOptionTCPFastOpen Set TCP Fast Open. All
CURL.SetOptionTFTPNoOptions Sets to whether not send any tftp option requests to the server. All
CURL.SetOptionUnixSocketPath Set path to Unix domain socket. All
CURL.SetOptionXOAuth2Bearer The XOAUTH2 bearer token. All
FM.Beep Beeps. Mac/Win
FM.Loop Universal function to run a loop with evaluate. All
JSON.Colorize Formats a JSON string with color. All
XML.Colorize Formats a XML string with color. All
XML.ValidateFile Validates XML against schema. All

99 functions.

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