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Component: Social

Functions to work with social networks on Mac, e.g. Twitter and Facebook.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Social.AccountProperty Queries details of an account. Mac/iOS 5.3
Social.Accounts Queries an array of all the accounts in an account database. Mac/iOS 5.3
Social.HasAccessForAccountType Checks if we do have permissions for this type of service. Mac/iOS 5.3
Social.RequestAccessForAccountType Requests permissions to use accounts. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.AddParameter Adds a parameter to the request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.ClearMultipartData Clears the multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.ClearParameter Clears the parameter list for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetAccount Queries the account identifier for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetMultiPartDataCount Query number of multi part data in this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetParameterCount Queries number of parameters for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetRequestMethod Queries request method. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetResponse Queries details on the response. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetServiceType Queries the service type. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.GetURL Queries the URL for the request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.New Creates a new social request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.Perform Performs the request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.Release Releases request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.SetAccount Sets the account to use for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.SetRequestMethod Sets the request method for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.SetServiceType Sets the service type to use. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.SetURL Sets the request URL. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.addMultipartContainer Adds multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3
SocialRequest.addMultipartText Adds multipart data for this request. Mac/iOS 5.3

23 functions.

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