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Component: Shell

Functions to run command line tools.

Run tools in background, send input text and receive output.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Shell.AddArgument Adds an argument. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.AddEnvironment Adds an entry for environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.AvailableBytesError Queries number of available bytes in error. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.AvailableBytesOutput Queries number of available bytes in output. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.ClearArguments Clears arguments list. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.ClearEnvironment Clears list of environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.Execute Executes a child process. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.ExitCode Queries exit code of child application. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetApplicationName Queries application name. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetArgument Queries argument. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetArgumentCount Queries number of arguments. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetCurrentDirectory Queries current directory path. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetDomain Queries domain name for login. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetEnvironment Queries list with environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetEvaluate Queries expression to be run when shell is done. Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.GetPassword Queries password for login. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.GetScriptFileName Queries filename of script to call in when shell is done. Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.GetScriptName Queries name of script to call when shell is done. Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.GetUsername Queries user name. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.IsRunning Queries whether application is running. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.New Creates a new shell object. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.PeekErrorText Not yet documented Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.PeekOutputText Not yet documented Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.ProcessIdentifier Queries process identifier of child process. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.ReadErrorText Reads error. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.ReadOutputText Reads output. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.Release Frees the shell object. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetApplicationName Sets the application name. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetArguments Sets list of arguments to parameters of this functions. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetArgumentsList Sets list of arguments. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetCurrentDirectory Sets the current directory to use. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetDomain Sets the domain to use for login. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetEvaluate Sets expression to be run when shell is done. Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.SetPassword Sets the password for login. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.SetScript Sets which script to call when shell is done. Mac/Win 7.5
Shell.SetUsername Sets the user name. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.Terminate Terminates the child process. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.TerminationReason Returns the reason the task was terminated. Mac only 7.5
Shell.Wait Waits for child process. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5
Shell.WriteInputText Writes a text to input stream. Mac/Win/Linux 7.5

40 functions.

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