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New in version 7.5

Name Description Mac/Win
DynaPDF.GetReplaceICCProfileData Queries file path for a ICC replace profile. All
DynaPDF.ReplaceImage Replaces an image with another image. All
DynaPDF.SetReplaceICCProfileData Sets the replace ICC profile data. All
List.SubList Returns a part of the list. All
MouseCursor.Hide Hides the mouse cursor. Mac/Win
MouseCursor.HideUntilMouseMoves Hides mouse until user moves it. Mac/Win
MouseCursor.Show Shows the mouse cursor. Mac/Win
QuickList.DeCombine Picks elements from each line in a list. All
QuickList.SubList Returns a part of the list. All
RSA.DecryptPrivateKey Decrypts a private key. All
RSA.EncryptPrivateKey Encrypts a private key. All

11 functions.

Older Version 7.4  

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