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New in version 7.5

Name Description Mac/Win
CURL.SetOptionAcceptEncoding Enables automatic decompression of HTTP downloads. All
Container.IsCompressed Queries whether container is compressed. All
DynaPDF.GetReplaceICCProfileData Queries file path for a ICC replace profile. All
DynaPDF.ReplaceImage Replaces an image with another image. All
DynaPDF.SetReplaceICCProfileData Sets the replace ICC profile data. All
List.HasDuplicateItems Checks if list has duplicates. All
List.SubList Returns a part of the list. All
List.Trim Trims all texts in the list. All
ListDialog.Sort Sorts entries. Mac/Win
MouseCursor.Hide Hides the mouse cursor. Mac/Win
MouseCursor.HideUntilMouseMoves Hides mouse until user moves it. Mac/Win
MouseCursor.Show Shows the mouse cursor. Mac/Win
OCR.GetVariable Queries a variable. All
OCR.SetVariable Sets a variable. All
PDFKit.GeneratePreview Adds preview to an existing PDF container. Mac/iOS
QuickList.DeCombine Picks elements from each line in a list. All
QuickList.HasDuplicateItems Checks if list has duplicates. All
QuickList.SubList Returns a part of the list. All
QuickList.Trim Trims all texts in the list. All
RSA.DecryptPrivateKey Decrypts a private key. All
RSA.EncryptPrivateKey Encrypts a private key. All
RegEx.Quote Quotes text for use in patterns. All
RegEx.Replace Replace pattern once. All
RegEx.ReplaceAll Replaces patterns. All
ScriptWorkspace.ScriptsVisible Queries whether scripts are visible. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.StepsVisible Queries whether steps are visible. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.TriggerScripts Triggers scripts list visibility. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.TriggerSteps Triggers script steps list visibility. Mac only
Shell.AddArgument Adds an argument. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.AddEnvironment Adds an entry for environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.AvailableBytesError Queries number of available bytes in error. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.AvailableBytesOutput Queries number of available bytes in output. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ClearArguments Clears arguments list. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ClearEnvironment Clears list of environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.Execute Executes a child process. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ExitCode Queries exit code of child application. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetApplicationName Queries application name. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetArgument Queries argument. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetArgumentCount Queries number of arguments. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetCurrentDirectory Queries current directory path. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetDomain Queries domain name for login. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetEnvironment Queries list with environment variables. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetEvaluate Queries expression to be run when shell is done. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetPassword Queries password for login. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetScriptFileName Queries filename of script to call in when shell is done. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetScriptName Queries name of script to call when shell is done. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.GetUsername Queries user name. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.IsRunning Queries whether application is running. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.New Creates a new shell object. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.PeekErrorText Not yet documented Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.PeekOutputText Not yet documented Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ProcessIdentifier Queries process identifier of child process. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ReadErrorText Reads error. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.ReadOutputText Reads output. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.Release Frees the shell object. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetApplicationName Sets the application name. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetArguments Sets list of arguments to parameters of this functions. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetArgumentsList Sets list of arguments. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetCurrentDirectory Sets the current directory to use. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetDomain Sets the domain to use for login. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetEvaluate Sets expression to be run when shell is done. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetPassword Sets the password for login. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetScript Sets which script to call when shell is done. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.SetUsername Sets the user name. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.Terminate Terminates the child process. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.TerminationReason Returns the reason the task was terminated. Mac only
Shell.Wait Waits for child process. Mac/Win/Linux
Shell.WriteInputText Writes a text to input stream. Mac/Win/Linux
Socket.AddMembership Adds this socket to a multicast group. All
Socket.DropMembership Removes this socket from a multicast group. All
Socket.GetMulticastInterface Queries the interface to use for multicast. All
Socket.SetMulticastInterface Sets the interface to use for multicast. All
Speech.IsSpeaking Queries whether text is speaking. Mac/Win/iOS
SyntaxColoring.GetShowLayoutIDs Queries whether to show layout IDs. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptSearchBox.GetText Queries current search text. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ScriptSearchBox.SetText Sets the search text and runs a search in current script. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.SetShowLayoutIDs Sets wether layout IDs are enabled. Mac only
SystemInfo.isHighSierra Whether the operation system is Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra or newer. All
Text.DecodeFromBase64URL Decode a base 64 URL string. All
Text.EncodeToBase64URL Encode a base64 URL string. All
WebView.GetAutoResizingMask Queries auto resizing mask. Mac only
WebView.SetAutoResizingMask Sets the auto resizing mask. Mac only
Window.SetDockImage Sets the dock image for a window. Mac only
WordFile.Append Appends one word file text to other. All
WordFile.FieldNames Queries field names in the file. All
WordFile.GetFieldText Queries field value. All
WordFile.SetFieldText Sets field value. All

87 functions.

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