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Reads output.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server FileMaker iOS SDK
Shell 7.5 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ❌ No
MBS( "Shell.ReadOutputText"; ShellRef { ; Encoding } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
ShellRef The reference number from the shell. $shell
Encoding The text encoding for result.
Possible encoding names: ANSI, ISO-8859-1, Latin1, Mac, Native, UTF-8, DOS, Hex, Base64 or Windows. More listed in the FAQ.
UTF8 Optional


Returns text or error.


Reads output.
When child process writes something to output stream, you can read it here.
See also Shell.ReadErrorText for reading error output.


Loop and collect messages:

Set Variable [ $error ; Value: "" ]
Set Variable [ $result ; Value: "" ]
# Loop while app runs and collect messages
    # Wait a second or till it quits
    Set Variable [ $s ; Value: MBS( "Shell.Wait"; $shell; 1) ]
    # And read output
    Set Variable [ $error ; Value: $error & MBS( "Shell.ReadErrorText"; $shell; "UTF-8") ]
    Set Variable [ $result ; Value: $result & MBS( "Shell.ReadOutputText"; $shell; "UTF-8") ]
    Set Field [ Shell::Error ; MBS( "Text.ReplaceNewline"; $error; 1) ]
    Set Field [ Shell::Output ; MBS( "Text.ReplaceNewline"; $result; 1) ]
    # exit when done
    Exit Loop If [ MBS( "Shell.IsRunning"; $shell) ≠ 1 ]
End Loop

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Release notes

  • Version 11.2
    • Changed a couple of internal text functions to recognize that text with UTF-8 as a BOM for UTF-16 or UTF-32 and then reinterpret bytes to handle that. Useful for Shell.ReadOutputText, when a command line tool outputs UTF-16 instead of expected UTF-8.

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Created 11st November 2017, last changed 7th April 2020

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