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Component: PortMidi

Access Midi devices and send/receive midi notes.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
PortMidi.Abort Terminates outgoing messages immediately. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.CheckHostError Checks if there is a midi host error on the stream. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.Close Closes a midi stream, flushing any pending buffers. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.CurrentEvent Queries current event. Mac/Win 7.1
PortMidi.DeviceCount Queries number of devices found. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.GetChannelMask Queries current channel mask. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.GetDefaultInputDeviceID Return the default input device ID. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.GetDefaultOutputDeviceID Return the default output device ID. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.GetDeviceID Queries the ID of the device the stream is connected to. Mac/Win 7.0
PortMidi.GetDeviceInfo Return device information. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.GetDeviceName Queries the name of the device the stream is connected to. Mac/Win 7.0
PortMidi.GetFilter Queries current filter setting. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.OpenInput Opens an input device. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.OpenOutput Opens an output device. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.Poll Tests whether input is available. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.ReadMessage Reads one Midi message from the buffers. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.Rescan Terminates all streams and shutdown the midi functions. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.SendMessage Sends a midi message. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.SendMessageRaw Sends a raw message. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.SendSysExHex Writes a timestamped system-exclusive midi message. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.SetChannelMask Filters incoming messages based on channel. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.SetFilter Sets filters on an open input stream to drop selected input types. Mac/Win 4.2
PortMidi.TimeStamp Queries current time stamp. Mac/Win 7.0

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