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Component: HealthKit

Functions for health data on iOS.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
HealthKit.AuthorizationStatusForType Queries authentication status for a type. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.BiologicalSex Queries the user's biological sex. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.BloodType Queries blood type. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.DateOfBirth Queries date of birth for user. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.DateOfBirthComponents Queries date of birth for user in components. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.FitzpatrickSkinType Queries skin type. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.RequestAuthorizationToShareTypes Requests authorization from the user. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.SampleQuery Queries sample data from the database. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.WheelchairUse Queries wheelchair value. iOS 8.2
HealthKit.isHealthDataAvailable Checks whether health data is available. iOS 8.2

10 functions.

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