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Component: AVPlayer

Play audio on Mac and iOS.

Play audio in background while doing work in FileMaker.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVPlayer.GetDuration Queries the length of the video in seconds. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.GetMuted Queries mute state. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.GetRate Queries playback rate. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.GetTime Queries current time in seconds. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.GetVolume Queries current volume. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenContainer Opens the audio file from a container. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenFile Opens an audio file. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.OpenURL Opens the movie with the given URL. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.Pause Pauses playback. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.Play Plays sound. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.Release Releases the audio player. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.ReleaseAll Releases all movies in memory. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.SetMuted Sets mute status. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.SetRate Sets the playback rate. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.SetTime Sets the current time. Mac only 7.1
AVPlayer.SetVolume Sets the volume. Mac only 7.1

16 functions.

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