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New in version 7.1

Name Description Mac/Win
AVPlayer.GetDuration Queries the length of the video in seconds. Mac only
AVPlayer.GetMuted Queries mute state. Mac only
AVPlayer.GetRate Queries playback rate. Mac only
AVPlayer.GetTime Queries current time in seconds. Mac only
AVPlayer.GetVolume Queries current volume. Mac only
AVPlayer.OpenContainer Opens the audio file from a container. Mac only
AVPlayer.OpenFile Opens an audio file. Mac only
AVPlayer.OpenURL Opens the movie with the given URL. Mac only
AVPlayer.Pause Pauses playback. Mac only
AVPlayer.Play Plays sound. Mac only
AVPlayer.Release Releases the audio player. Mac only
AVPlayer.ReleaseAll Releases all movies in memory. Mac only
AVPlayer.SetMuted Sets mute status. Mac only
AVPlayer.SetRate Sets the playback rate. Mac only
AVPlayer.SetTime Sets the current time. Mac only
AVPlayer.SetVolume Sets the volume. Mac only
Audit.GetEnabled Queries enable status. All
Audit.SetEnabled Turns audit globally on or off. All
Barcode.GetPrimary Queries primary parameter. All
Barcode.SetPrimary Sets primary parameter. All
Dialog.GetButton Queries button text. Mac/Win
Dialog.SetButton Sets button text. Mac/Win
Dictionary.SetQuickList Fills dictionary with keys and values form a quick list. All
DirectoryWatcher.AddDirectory Adds a directory to watch. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.ChangeCount Queries the change count. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.Create Creates a new directory watcher. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.GetEvaluate Queries the expression to evaluate. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.GetFileName Returns the file name for the watcher. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.GetScriptName Returns the script name for the watcher. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.NextChange Queries next change in queue. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.Release Releases directory watcher. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.SetEvaluate Sets the expression to evaluate. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.SetFileName Sets the file name for watcher. Win only
DirectoryWatcher.SetScriptName Sets the script name for watcher. Win only
DynaPDF.HaveOpenDocument Whether we have a working document. All
DynaPDF.HaveOpenPage Checks whether a page is open. All
Files.IsHidden Queries hidden state of a file or folder. Mac/Win
Files.SetHidden Sets the hidden state of a file or folder. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetKeyUp Queries whether to trigger script both on key down and key up. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetKeyUp Whether to trigger script both on key down and key up. Mac/Win
JSON.GetArrayPathItems Queries value from JSON path in array of objects. All
List.AddValue Adds a value to the list. All
List.GetValue Queries a value in the list. All
List.InsertValue Inserts a value to a list. All
List.Remove Removes the value with the given index. All
List.RemoveValue Removes a value from a quick list. All
List.SetValue Sets a value in the list. All
Plugin.isDebug Checks whether this is debug version of MBS Plugin. All
PortMidi.CurrentEvent Queries current event. Mac/Win
Process.KeepFrontMost Sets whether the plugin should keep FileMaker in front. Mac only
Progressdialog.GetEvaluate Queries expression to evaluate. Mac/Win
Progressdialog.GetFileName Queries file name. Mac/Win
Progressdialog.GetScriptName Queries script name to run on button click. Mac/Win
Progressdialog.SetEvaluate Sets the expression to evaluate on button click. Mac/Win
Progressdialog.SetScript Sets the script to run when button is clicked. Mac/Win
QTMovie.ReleaseAll Releases all movies in memory. Mac only
SendMail.GetHTMLText Queries the html text of this email. All
SendMail.GetInReplyTo Queries the reply to address of this email. All
SendMail.GetMessageID Queries the message ID of this email. All
SendMail.GetPlainText Queries the plain text of this email. All
SendMail.GetRichText Queries the rich text of this email. All
SendMail.GetSMTPPassword Queries the smtp password of this email. All
SendMail.GetSMTPServer Queries the smtp server of this email. All
SendMail.GetSMTPUserName Queries the smtp username of this email. All
SendMail.GetSubject Queries the subject of this email. All
SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Notification.Disable Disables notifications sent by variable check. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Notification.Enable Enables notifications sent by variable check. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Notification.Enabled Queries whether notifications are enabled. Mac only
Webview.GetHidden Queries a web viewer’s hidden state. Mac only
Webview.SetHidden Sets a web viewer to be invisible. Mac only
WordFile.AppendTableRow Duplicates a table row containing a placeholder. All
WordFile.DuplicateTableRow Duplicates a table row containing a placeholder. All
XML.Import.SetBaseFields Sets the names of the base fields per record. All
XML.Import.SetExtraField Sets the extra field to add to all tables. All

74 functions.

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