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Sends email.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
WinSendMail 7.1 No Yes No No No

MBS( "WinSendMail.SendAnsi"; WinSendMailRef; Flags )


Parameter Description Example value
WinSendMailRef The email reference number obtained using WinSendMai.CreateEmail function. $Email
Flags The flags.
Add 1 to show no dialog.
Add 2 to disable logon user interface.
Add 4 to disable parent window.


Returns OK or error.


Sends email.
Same as WinSendMail.Send, but limited to Windows ANSI text encoding.
Use this only if unicode MAPI interface is not supported by an older email client.

See also

WinSendMail.Send   -   WinSendMail.SetFrom

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