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Component: AVAsset

Modern functions on OS X to query metadata from movie files.

Extract video frames, query lyrics and other metadata from video files.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVAsset.AvailableMetadataFormats Returns a list representing available metadata formats. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Duration Returns the duration of a asset in seconds. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Framerate Looks for first video track and reports the nominal frame rate. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.HasProtectedContent Queries whether the asset has protected content. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Image Returns an image for the asset at or near a specified time. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.ImageActualTime Queries actual time for image. Mac/iOS 6.5
AVAsset.IsComposable Queries whether this asset can be used in compositions. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.IsExportable Indicates whether the asset can be exported. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.IsPlayable Checks whether the asset, or its URL, can be played. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.IsReadable Checks whether the asset’s media data can be extracted Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Loaded Queries load status of asset. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Lyrics Queries the lyrics of the asset suitable for the current locale. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Metadata Queries metadata. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.MetadataKeys Queries metadata keys. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.NaturalHeight Queries the natural height of the video. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.NaturalWidth Queries the natural width of the video. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.OpenContainer Opens a movie from a container. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.OpenFile Opens an asset from a file. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.OpenURL Opens a movie from URL. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.PreferredRate Queries the natural rate at which the asset is to be played. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.PreferredVolume Queries the preferred volume at which the audible media of asset is to be played. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.Release Releases the object and all memory used for it. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.RequestImageTimePrecision Requests to use high precision for timing of images. Mac/iOS 6.5
AVAsset.TimeCodes Reads time codes from asset. Mac/iOS 5.4
AVAsset.TrackCount Queries the track count. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.TrackInfo Queries track details. Mac/iOS 7.4
AVAsset.URL Queries the URL used to open this asset. Mac/iOS 5.2
AVAsset.WaitForLoaded Waits for file to be loaded. Mac/iOS 8.0

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