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Component: AVExport

Modern functions on OS X to transcode video in different format.

Can be used to compress videos as MPEG 4 video file.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVExport.AllExportPresets Queries list of all supported presets. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.CancelExport Cancels the execution of an export session. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.Duration Queries duration of the asset. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.Error Queries the error that occurred if the export status is Failed. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.EstimatedOutputFileLength Queries the estimated byte size of exported file. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.ExportAsynchronously Starts export. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.ExportSession Creates a new export session. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.ExportSessionMerge Creates a new export session. Mac only 6.2
AVExport.GetOutputFileType Queries the output file type. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.GetOutputPath Queries the current output path. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.GetOutputURL Queries the current output URL. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.GetShouldOptimizeForNetworkUse Queries whether video should be network optimized. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.GetTimeRange Queries time range to export. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.OutputFileExtension Queries preferred file extension for current export. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.PresetName Returns the name of the preset used. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.Progress Queries current progress. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.Release Frees the session. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputFileType Sets the output file type. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputPath Sets the output file path. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputURL Sets the output file URL. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SetShouldOptimizeForNetworkUse Whether to optimize video for network use. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SetTimeRange Specifies a time range to be exported from the source. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.Status Queries status of export. Mac only 6.1
AVExport.SupportedFileTypes Queries supported file type for this export session. Mac only 6.1

24 functions.

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