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Component: AVExport

Modern functions on OS X to transcode video in different format.

Can be used to compress videos as MPEG 4 video file.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
AVExport.AllExportPresets Queries list of all supported presets. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.CancelExport Cancels the execution of an export session. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.Duration Queries duration of the asset. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.Error Queries the error that occurred if the export status is Failed. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.EstimatedOutputFileLength Queries the estimated byte size of exported file. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.ExportAsynchronously Starts export. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.ExportSession Creates a new export session. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.ExportSessionMerge Creates a new export session. Mac/iOS 6.2
AVExport.GetOutputFileType Queries the output file type. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.GetOutputPath Queries the current output path. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.GetOutputURL Queries the current output URL. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.GetShouldOptimizeForNetworkUse Queries whether video should be network optimized. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.GetTimeRange Queries time range to export. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.OutputFileExtension Queries preferred file extension for current export. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.PresetName Returns the name of the preset used. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.Progress Queries current progress. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.Release Frees the session. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputFileType Sets the output file type. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputPath Sets the output file path. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SetOutputURL Sets the output file URL. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SetShouldOptimizeForNetworkUse Whether to optimize video for network use. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SetTimeRange Specifies a time range to be exported from the source. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.Status Queries status of export. Mac/iOS 6.1
AVExport.SupportedFileTypes Queries supported file type for this export session. Mac/iOS 6.1

24 functions.

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