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Opens a serial port.

Component: SerialPort
Version: 3.0
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "SerialPort.Open"; PortName { ; Index } )


Parameter Description Example value
PortName The name of the serial port to open. "COM1"
Index Optional
In case you have several ports with same name, you can specify an index here. Zero for first port with given name, 1 for the second port with given name.


Returns the port reference value which you pass to other SerialPort functions.


Opens a serial port.
You get the names from SerialPort.List function.
The port is opened with default settings.
Serial Port reference numbers are starting at 28000 and counting up for each new port.


Open port and close it:

$port = MBS( "SerialPort.Open"; "COM1" )
$r = MBS( "SerialPort.Write"; $port; "Hello")
$r = MBS( "SerialPort.Close"; $port )

See also

SerialPort.List   -   SerialPort.Read

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