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Writes a single byte to the serial port.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SerialPort 3.0 Yes Yes Yes No No

MBS( "SerialPort.WriteByte"; PortReference; Value )


Parameter Description Example value
PortReference The reference number of the port. You get this number from SerialPort.Open when you open the port. $port
Value The byte value to send. Range from 0 to 255. 13


Returns the number of bytes written.


Writes a single byte to the serial port.
This is very useful for sending control characters which you can't easily put in a text in FileMaker.
Like 13 for a LF (line feed) or 10 for CR (carriage return).


Write a character:

MBS( "SerialPort.WriteByte"; $port; 65 )

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