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Activates an extended color space in the graphics state.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
DynaPDF 7.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBS( "DynaPDF.SetExtColorSpace"; PDF; Handle )


Parameter Description Example value
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
Handle Handle of an extended color space.


Returns OK or error.


Activates an extended color space in the graphics state.
An extended color spaces are non-device color spaces, such as ICCBased, Lab, Separation, DeviceN, and so on. The current fill and stroke color are initialised to black after the color space has been changed. Device color spaces can be set with DynaPDF.SetColorSpace. The fill and stroke color spaces can also be set separately with DynaPDF.SetExtFillColorSpace and DynaPDF.SetExtStrokeColorSpace.

See also SetExtColorSpace function in DynaPDF manual.

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DynaPDF.SetDrawDirection   -   DynaPDF.SetExtFillColorSpace

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