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Component: DragDrop
Version: 2.4
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: No
Server: No
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "DragDrop.CreateWithControl"; WindowRef; ControlName { ; DX; DY } )


Parameter Description Example value
WindowRef Window Reference is the unique OS level window ID. You can obtain this by using the Window.FindByTitle or Window.FindByIndex functions. Pass zero to access the frontmost window. 0
ControlName The name of the control on your FileMaker form. For example "mymedia" if you assign this name to a media field. This is not the name of the field in the database! "mymedia"
DX Optional
Optional, a delta to move drop area more to left or right.
DY Optional
Optional, a delta to move drop area more to top or bottom.


Returns Drop Area ID on success.


Creates a new drop area on the given window covering the area of the given control.
Use DragDrop.Release later to destroy the drop area.
If you use a register on the window, be aware that the drop area actually is in front of the register. So you need to check in the script which register page is current and should get the dropped files.
Drag & Drop reference numbers are starting at 31000 and counting up for each new drop area.

See also

DragDrop.ClearDragExitHandler   -   DragDrop.CreateWithSize

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