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New in version 6.4

Name Description Mac/Win
Container.ReadFile Reads a file with the given path. All
Container.WriteFile Writes a file with the given container. All
Dialog.AddField Adds a field for the dialog. Mac only
Dialog.ClearFields Clears all fields. Mac only
Dialog.GetFieldText Queries field text. Mac only
Dialog.SetFieldText Sets the text for a field. Mac only
DynaPDF.AddActionToObj Adds an action to a PDF object. All
DynaPDF.CreateButton Creates a push button. All
DynaPDF.CreateJSAction Creates a JavaScript action. All
DynaPDF.GetBBox Queries bound box values of current page. All
DynaPDF.GetColorSpaceInfo Queries details on a colorspace. All
DynaPDF.GetImage retrieves the properties of an image as well as the decompressed image buffer if needed. By default all images are returned decompressed, with exception of image types which are already stored in a valid file format like JPEG and JPEG 2000 images. All
DynaPDF.GetImageCount Queries number of images in PDF. All
DynaPDF.ListImages Lists images in a PDF. All
DynaPDF.OpenOutputFileEncrypted The function opens the output file into which the PDF file should be written. All
DynaPDF.SetNumberFormat Limits textfield to only accept numbers. All
EmailParser.ReceiveDate Queries the date and time of the email. All
FM.GetSQLBatchMode Queries turbo level for sending SQL in chunks. All
FM.SQL.InsertRecords Inserts records in FileMaker database from records in memory. All
FM.SQL.InsertRecordsToSQL Inserts records in SQL database from records in memory. All
FM.SetSQLBatchMode Sets turbo level for sending SQL in chunks. All
Files.AddedToDirectoryDate Queries the date of the file or folder when it was added to parent folder. Mac only
IKSlideShow.Count Returns number of items. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetAudioFile Queries the audio file path. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetScreen Queries screen index. Mac only
IKSlideShow.ItemAtIndex Queries item at index. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetAudioFile Sets the audio file to play while doing slide show. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetScreen Sets the screen. Mac only
ImageCapture.CloseDevice Requests to close a previously opened session on this device. Mac only
ImageCapture.DeviceInfo Queries information about device. Mac only
ImageCapture.Devices Queries list of devices. Mac only
ImageCapture.Features Queries list of features. Mac only
ImageCapture.GetFeatureValue Queries scanner vendor feature value. Mac only
ImageCapture.GetParameter Queries a parameter of current scanner functional unit. Mac only
ImageCapture.ImagePaths Queries list of image files. Mac only
ImageCapture.Initialize Initializes Image Capture engine. Mac only
ImageCapture.OpenDevice Requests to open a session on the device. Mac only
ImageCapture.PreferredDevice Returns UUID for preferred device. Mac only
ImageCapture.SetFeatureValue Sets a vendor scanner feature value. Mac only
ImageCapture.SetParameter Sets a parameter for current scanner functional device. Mac only
ImageCapture.cancelScan Cancels current scan. Mac only
ImageCapture.requestOverviewScan Starts an overview scan on selectedFunctionalUnit. Mac only
ImageCapture.requestScan Starts a scan on selectedFunctionalUnit. Mac only
ImageCapture.requestSelectFunctionalUnit Requests the scanner device to select a functional unit. Mac only
LDAP.AddList Adds an entry to a tree. Mac/Win/Linux
List.HasValue Checks whether a list contains a given value. All
Math.DecodeNumber Decodes a number from it's binary representation. All
Math.EncodeNumber Encodes a number as binary data as hex text. All
PHP.GetResultContainer Returns the result of the last php script to run as container. Mac/Win/Linux
ProgressDialog.Reset Resets all options. Mac/Win
RichText.ReplaceTexts Replaces text in current rich text document with new text. Mac/iOS
RunTask.Wait Waits for current task to terminate. Mac only
SQL.GetCommandTag Queries tag for command. All
SQL.GetConnectionTag Queries tag for connection. All
SQL.ListCommands Returns a list of all SQL Commands. All
SQL.ListConnections Returns a list of all SQL Connections. All
SQL.SetCommandTag Sets the tag for the command. All
SQL.SetConnectionTag Sets the tag for the connection. All
Schedule.ReleaseAll Releases all scheduled. Mac/Win/iOS
SmartCard.HeaderTemplate Queries header template. Mac/Win
Speech.AvailableVoices Query the list of available voices. Mac/Win/iOS
Time.Format Formats a date with C time formatting functions. All
Time.Parse Parses a date. Mac/Linux/iOS
Toolbar.SetImage Overwrites image used for a toolbar item. Mac only
Toolbar.SetLabel Overwrites label used for a toolbar item. Mac only
Toolbar.SetPaletteLabel Overwrites palette label used for a toolbar item. Mac only
Toolbar.SetTooltip Overwrites tooltip used for a toolbar item. Mac only
WebView.GetInternetExplorerVersion Queries the Internet Explorer version to use for Webviewer. Win only
WebView.SetInternetExplorerVersion Sets the Internet Explorer version to use for Webviewer. Win only

69 functions.

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