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New in version 6.3

Name Description Mac/Win
CUPS.PrintDataEncoding Print a file to a printer or class on the default server. Mac only
CURL.GetDebugWithProgress Queries whether to include progress in debug messages. All
CURL.SetDebugWithProgress Sets whether to include progress in debug messages. All
Clipboard.GetPicture Queries a picture from clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Clipboard.SetPicture Sets clipboard picture. Mac/Win/iOS
DynaPDF.AppendImagePage Adds new page to the PDF with given image. All
DynaPDF.AppendImagePages Adds new pages to the PDF with given image paths. All
DynaPDF.FindEmbeddedFile Searches for the embedded file Name and returns the handle of it when it can be found. All
EmailParser.ParseContainer Parses an email stored in container. All
EmailParser.ProcessImageReferences Processes image references in HTML. All
EventMonitor.GetEnabled Queries whether event monitor is enabled. Mac/Win
EventMonitor.SetEnabled Enables or disables event monitor. Mac/Win
FM.DataViewerContent Looks for data viewer and copies visible table content. Mac only
FM.MouseWheelScriptTrigger Installs a script trigger for mouse wheel. Win only
GMImage.GetXMP Query XMP data. All
GMImage.SetXMP Sets the XMP data. All
JSON.IsValid Checks if JSON text is valid. All
List.DeCombine Picks elements from each line in a list. All
SQL.FreeAllConnections Frees all SQL connections and commands. All
SSH.CloseChannel Closes the channel. All
SSH.Connect Connects a new socket to the given IP & Port. All
SSH.Disconnect Disconnects the session. All
SSH.EOF Check a channel's EOF status. All
SSH.Execute Executes something on the server. All
SSH.Flush Flush streams for this channel. All
SSH.FreeChannel Frees the SSH channel. All
SSH.GetExitState Get the remote exit code. All
SSH.GetIP Queries IP or domain used to connect. All
SSH.GetPort Queries port used to connect. All
SSH.GetTag Queries tag value. All
SSH.GetTimeout Queries timeout. All
SSH.GetUserName The user name we got authenticated for. All
SSH.HostKey Returns the hex encoded host key. All
SSH.HostKeyHash Returns the hex encoded host key hash. All
SSH.IsAuthenticated Queries the authentication state. All
SSH.New Creates a new SSH session. All
SSH.OpenSession Opens a SSH channel. All
SSH.ReadHex Reads bytes from channel and returns them hex encoded. All
SSH.ReadText Reads bytes from channel and returns them as text. All
SSH.Release Frees the memory for the ssh session. All
SSH.RequestPTY Request a PTY on an established channel. All
SSH.SendEOF Send EOF to remote server. All
SSH.SessionHandshake Perform the SSH handshake. All
SSH.SetEnv Set an environment variable on the channel. All
SSH.SetTag Sets the tag value. All
SSH.SetTimeout Sets timeout. All
SSH.Shell Request a shell on a channel. All
SSH.UserAuthKeyboardInteractive Authenticate a session using keyboard-interactive authentication. All
SSH.UserAuthList List supported authentication methods. All
SSH.UserAuthPassword Authenticate a session with username and password. All
SSH.UserAuthPublicKey Authenticate a session with a public key, read from memory. All
SSH.UserAuthPublicKeyFile Authenticate a session with a public key, read from a file. All
SSH.WaitClosed Wait for the remote to close the channel. All
SSH.WaitEOF Wait for the remote end to acknowledge an EOF request. All
SSH.WaitSocket Waits on the socket for sending or receiving. All
SSH.WriteHex Writes text to the channel. All
SSH.WriteText Writes text to the channel. All
SmartCard.Available Whether SmartCard API is available. Mac/Win
SmartCard.BeginTransaction Starts a transaction. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Cancel Terminates all outstanding actions within a specific resource manager context. Mac/Win
SmartCard.CancelTransaction Cancels current transaction. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Connect Connects to a smartcard. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Control Direct control of the reader. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Disconnect Disconnects card. Mac/Win
SmartCard.EndTransaction Ends transaction. Mac/Win
SmartCard.GetActiveProtocol Queries the active protocol. Mac/Win
SmartCard.GetAttribute Retrieves the current reader attribute. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Init Initializes a smartcard context. Mac/Win
SmartCard.ListReaderGroups Queries list of reader groups. Mac/Win
SmartCard.ListReaders Queries list of readers. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Reconnect Reconnects to smart card with different protocol. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Release Releases context and all memory needed. Mac/Win
SmartCard.SetAttribute Sets the given reader attribute. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Status Queries current status of smart card in reader. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Transmit Sends a service request to the smart card and expects to receive data back from the card. Mac/Win
SmartCard.TransmitReceiveHeader Returns the receive header from last Transmit. Mac/Win
SmartCard.Valid Determines whether a smart card context handle is valid. Mac/Win
Speech.Speak Speaks text. Mac/Win/iOS
SyntaxColoring.GetRelationGraphSearchBoxPreferredSize Queries preferred size for the search box in relation graph window. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.SetRelationGraphSearchBoxPreferredSize Sets the preferred size for the relation graph. Mac only
SystemInfo.WinSystemMetrics Retrieves the specified system metric or system configuration setting. Win only
SystemInfo.isElCapitan Whether the operation system is Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah or newer. All
SystemInfo.isSierra Whether the operation system is Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra or newer. All
SystemInfo.isYosemite Whether the operation system is Mac OS X 10.11 Syrah or newer. All
WebView.Passwords.Clear Clears the list of passwords. Mac only
WebView.Passwords.Install Installs the plugin functions which watch for password requests on a webviewer. Mac only
WebView.Passwords.Set Stores a password for later. Mac only
Window.GetCurrentTag Queries window tag for current window. Mac/Win
Window.GetTag Queries tag for window. Mac/Win
Window.SetCurrentTag Set window tag for current window. Mac/Win
Window.SetTag Sets tag for window. Mac/Win
WordFile.GetMediaFile Queries media file in word file. All
WordFile.MediaFiles Queries list of media files in the word file. All
WordFile.SetMarkers Sets the markers to look for before/after a tag. All
WordFile.SetMediaFile Sets a media file image. All

100 functions.

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