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Sets WebView preferences parameters.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
WebView 2.2 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes
MBS( "WebView.SetPreferences"; WebViewerRef; ParameterName { ; ParameterValue } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
WebViewerRef Either the Web Viewer Object Name or the Web Viewer ID as returned by "WebView.FindByName" function. "web"
ParameterName The name of the parameter. isJavaEnabled
ParameterValue The value for the given parameter: A boolean value for allowsAnimatedImageLooping, allowsAnimatedImages, javaEnabled, javaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically, javaScriptEnabled, loadsImagesAutomatically, plugInsEnabled, privateBrowsingEnabled, shouldPrintBackgrounds, tabsToLinks, userStyleSheetEnabled and usesPageCache. A number for cacheModel, defaultFixedFontSize, defaultFontSize, minimumFontSize or minimumLogicalFontSize. A string for cursiveFontFamily, defaultTextEncodingName, fantasyFontFamily, fixedFontFamily, sansSerifFontFamily, serifFontFamily or standardFontFamily. 0 Optional


Returns OK or an error message.


Sets WebView preferences parameters.
For WebKit 1.x you can pass empty WebViewerRef to access global preferences.

Available keys for WebKit 1.x (FileMaker till version 15 and WebView.Create): allowsAnimatedImageLooping, allowsAnimatedImages, cacheModel, cursiveFontFamily, defaultFixedFontSize, defaultFontSize, defaultTextEncodingName, fantasyFontFamily, fixedFontFamily, javaEnabled, javaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically, javaScriptEnabled, loadsImagesAutomatically, minimumFontSize, minimumLogicalFontSize, plugInsEnabled, privateBrowsingEnabled, sansSerifFontFamily, serifFontFamily, shouldPrintBackgrounds, standardFontFamily, tabsToLinks, userStyleSheetEnabled or usesPageCache.

Available keys for WebKit 2.x (FileMaker 16): shouldPrintBackgrounds, developerExtrasEnabled, logsPageMessagesToSystemConsoleEnabled, minimumFontSize, javaScriptEnabled, javaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically, telephoneNumberDetectionIsEnabled, javaEnabled and plugInsEnabled.

New in version 10.2: mediaDevicesEnabled and mediaStreamEnabled to allow camera/microphone/screen access.
New in version 10.3: CrossOriginResourcePolicyEnabled and webSecurityEnabled to enable cross site scripting.

Please check WebKit documentation for details.

Implemented for Windows with Microsoft Edge/Chrome engine (WebView2) in MBS Plugin 11.5 when using FileMaker Pro 19.4 or newer.
Possible keys: IsScriptEnabled, IsWebMessageEnabled, AreDefaultScriptDialogsEnabled, IsStatusBarEnabled, AreDevToolsEnabled, AreDefaultContextMenusEnabled, AreHostObjectsAllowed, IsZoomControlEnabled, IsBuiltInErrorPageEnabled, areBrowserAcceleratorKeysEnabled, IsPinchZoomEnabled, IsPasswordAutosaveEnabled and IsGeneralAutofillEnabled.

MBS Plugin 11.5 adds fraudulentWebsiteWarningEnabled for macOS 10.15 and iOS 13.0 to set whether the warnings or fraudulent websites is enabled. The textInteractionEnabled setting in macOS 12.0 and iOS 15.0 allows to set whether text interactions are enabled.

Added IsSwipeNavigationEnabled and HiddenPdfToolbarItems options in version 14.2 for Windows using WebView 2. If used with a touch display, the IsSwipeNavigationEnabled option can disable swiping since it is on by default. HiddenPdfToolbarItems allows you to disable toolbar items for when PDF documents show. Combine the following values to disable some toolbar items:

Bookmarks256The contents button on PDF toolbar.
FitPage64The fit to width button on PDF toolbar.
FullScreen2048The full screen button on PDF toolbar.
MoreSettings4096The setting and more button on PDF toolbar.
None0No item. By default the HiddenPdfToolbarItems equal to this value.
PageLayout128The page view button on PDF toolbar.
PageSelector512The page number button on PDF toolbar.
Print2The print button on PDF toolbar.
Rotate32The rotate button on PDF toolbar.
Save1The save button on PDF toolbar.
SaveAs4The save as button on PDF toolbar.
Search1024The search button on PDF toolbar.
ZoomIn8The zoom in button on PDF toolbar.
ZoomOut16The zoom out button on PDF toolbar.


set print background option:

MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "shouldPrintBackgrounds", 1)

Disables image loading:

MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "loadsImagesAutomatically", 0)

Disable Java:

MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "javaEnabled"; 0)

Disable Plugins:

MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "plugInsEnabled"; 0)

Set developer extras enabled state for WebViewer to show inspector:

Set Variable [$r; Value: MBS("Webview.SetPreferences"; "web"; "developerExtrasEnabled"; 1) ]

Enable file URLs:

Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("Webview.SetPreferences"; "web"; "allowFileAccessFromFileURLs"; 1)]

Disable web security:

MBS( "WebView.SetPreferences"; "web"; "webSecurityEnabled"; 0 )

Disable cross origin resource policy enabled:

MBS( "WebView.SetPreferences"; "web"; "CrossOriginResourcePolicyEnabled"; 0)

Enable console messages to

Set Variable [ $r ; Value: MBS( "WebView.SetPreferences"; "web"; "logsPageMessagesToSystemConsoleEnabled"; 1 ) ]

Disable JavaScript:

MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "javaScriptEnabled"; 0)

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 11st April 2024

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