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Sets print settings for printing PDF.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
PDFKit 4.0 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes, on macOS ❌ No
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; Selector; Value )   More


Parameter Description Example
Selector Which value to set. "FaxNumber"
Value The value for the setting. "+123456"


Returns OK or error.


Sets print settings for printing PDF.
See also PDFKit.Print function.
All settings are optional and if not set will use default setting.

Possible settings:
jobTitleThe title of the printing job.
faxNumberA fax number for fax printers. This text is passed through and must match the format your driver expects.
PaperNameThe name of the paper to use.
PrinterThe name of the printer to use.
FirstPageThe number of the first page to print.
LastPageThe number of the last page to print.
CopiesThe number of copies to print. Default is 1.
ReversePageOrderWhether to reverse the page order. Pass 1 to reverse or 0 to not reverse. Default is not reverse.
MustCollateWhether to collate or not. Pass 1 to collate or 0 to not collate. Default is 0.
AutoRotateWhether to automatically rotate to match the PDF page format. Default is 1 (on).
ShowsPrintPanelWhether to show the print panel. Default is 0 to not show it. Pass 1 for value to show dialog.
ShowsProgressPanelWhether to show the progress panel. Default is 0 to not show it. Pass 1 for value to show progress.
DuplexModeWhether to use duplex mode. Can be None (Print only on one side of sheet of paper), DuplexNoTumble (Print on both sides of the paper, with no tumbling), DuplexTumble (Print on both sides of the paper, tumbling on) or SimplexTumble (Print on only one side of the paper, but tumble the images while printing).
DetailedErrorReportingWhether to enable detailed error reporting. If 1, produce detailed reports when an error occurs.
PagesAcrossNumber of logical pages to be placed across a physical sheet.
PagesDownNumber of logical pages to be placed down a physical sheet.
TopMarginThe top margin. Default 0.
BottomMarginThe bottom margin. Default 0.
LeftMarginThe left margin. Default 0.
RightMarginThe right margin. Default 0.
HorizontalPaginationThe horizontal pagination. Can be auto, clip or fit. Default is fit.
VerticalPaginationThe vertical pagination. Can be auto, clip or fit. Default is fit.
scalingModeThe scaling mode to use. Default is None, but can also be DownToFit or ToFit.
TrayThe name of the paper tray. See PrintDialog.GetTray to find the name of the tray. (New in 8.0)
PaperSizeThe paper size in Width and Height in points for custom format. Takes 2 value parameters.

You can use PDFKit.SetPrintOption to set custom print options like with PrintDialog.SetOption function.


Set a fax number:

MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "FaxNumber"; "+123456" )

Print page 2 to 10 and make 3 copies:

MBS( "PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings" )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "FirstPage"; 2 )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "LastPage"; 10 )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "Copies"; 3 )
MBS( "PDFKit.Print" )

Set a duplex:

MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "DuplexMode"; "DuplexNoTumble" )

Horizontal and vertical fit:

$r = MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "HorizontalPagination"; "fit" )
$r = MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "VerticalPagination"; "fit" )

Set paper tray:

MBS("PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "Tray"; "Tray-2")

Enable print dialog:

MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "ShowsPrintPanel"; 1 )

Enable progress dialog:

MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "ShowsProgressPanel"; 1 )

Set paper size for A4:

MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "PaperSize"; 300; 400 )

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 14th July 2021

PDFKit.SetPrintOption - PDFKit.Watermark

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