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Prints a PDF without dialogs.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
PDFKit 4.0 Yes No Yes, macOS only No No
MBS( "PDFKit.Print"; PDF )   More


Parameter Description Example
PDF A container value with the PDF content from a media field. Or a text with an URL. Or a PDF reference from PDFKit.Open.


Returns OK or error.


Prints a PDF without dialogs.
Optionally if you have a fax printer, you can also pass fax number to send a fax.
Please use PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings and then call PDFKit.SetPrintSetting for all the settings you need.

Please use DynaPDF.Print for Windows.
Printing may fail on Server if no printer selected or printer is not turned on.


Print a PDF container:

MBS( "PDFKit.Print"; MyTable::MyDocumentContainer )

Fax a PDF container:

MBS( "PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings" )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "FaxNumber"; "+123456" )
MBS( "PDFKit.Print"; MyTable::MyDocumentContainer )

Print page 2 to 10 and make 3 copies:

MBS( "PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings" )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "FirstPage"; 2 )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "LastPage"; 10 )
MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "Copies"; 3 )
MBS( "PDFKit.Print" )

Print with options:

# print pdf
Set Variable [$print3; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings" )]
Set Variable [$print4; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "Printer"; "Cliques Xerox" )]
Set Variable [$print5; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "FirstPage"; PDF::PrintPageFrom )]
Set Variable [$print6; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "LastPage"; PDF::PrintPageTo )]
Set Variable [$print7; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "Copies"; 1 )]
Set Variable [$print8; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "scalingMode"; "DownToFit" )]
Set Variable [$print8; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.SetPrintSetting"; "DuplexMode"; "DuplexNoTumble" )]
Set Variable [$print9; Value:MBS( "PDFKit.Print"; PDF::Annotated PDF )]

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Release notes

  • Version 8.5
    • Changed PDFKit.Print to automatically disable print dialogs when printing on FileMaker Server.

Created 18th August 2014, last changed 17th December 2019

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