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New in version 1.6

Name Description Mac/Win
Container.Export Writes selected data content from a container to a file path. All
IKSlideShow.Add Adds a slide. Mac only
IKSlideShow.Clear Clears the list of slides. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetPDFDisplayBox Queries the current PDF display box. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetPDFDisplayMode Queries the current PDF display mode. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetPDFDisplaysAsBook Queries whether PDFs are displayed as book currently. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetStartPaused Queries whether the slide show should start paused. Mac only
IKSlideShow.GetWrapAround Queries the current wrap around setting. Mac only
IKSlideShow.Run Runs the slide show with the current slide list and the current options. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetPDFDisplayBox Sets the PDF display box which should be used to display PDFs. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetPDFDisplayMode Sets the PDF display mode which should be used to display PDFs. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetPDFDisplaysAsBook Sets whether a PDF is displayed as book. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetStartPaused Defines whether the slideshow starts paused or not. Mac only
IKSlideShow.SetWrapAround Specifies the new wrap around setting. Mac only
Plugin.Seats Queries the internal seats value. All
WebView.GetForm Returns the name of the form with the given index. Mac/Win/iOS
WebView.GetFormCount Returns the number of forms on the website which is currently visible in the webviewer. Mac/Win/iOS

17 functions.

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