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New in version 1.5

Name Description Mac/Win
SystemInfo.AvailableRAM Returns the size of the free RAM in bytes. All
SystemInfo.ComputerName Returns the name of the computer. All
SystemInfo.MacHasHardwareAcceleratedCoreImage Checks whether a Mac can use hardware accelerated Core Image/Quartz. Mac only
SystemInfo.MacModel Returns the Mac Model string. Mac only
SystemInfo.MacSerialNumber Returns the Mac Serial number. Mac only
SystemInfo.MacUUID Returns the system UUID on Mac OS X. Mac only
SystemInfo.MacVRAMSize Returns the size of the VRAM in bytes on a Mac. Mac only
SystemInfo.OSName Returns the name of the operating system. All
SystemInfo.OSVersionString Returns the Name of the operating system with version. All
SystemInfo.PhysicalRAM Returns the size of the physical RAM in bytes. All
SystemInfo.SystemFont Returns the system font. Mac/Win
SystemInfo.UserName Returns the user name. All
SystemInfo.UserShortName Returns the user's short name. eg 'admin' All
WebView.GetSource Queries the html source from the webviewer. Mac/Win/iOS
WindowTransition.Perform Performs the transitions. Mac only
WindowTransition.Prepare Prepare the a transition to apply to the whole screen. Mac only
WindowTransition.PrepareWindow Prepare the a transition to apply to the front FileMaker window. Mac only

17 functions.

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