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Component: iOSDevice

iOS commands to query device details.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
iOSDevice.BatteryLevel The battery charge level for the device. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.BatteryState The battery state for the device. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.IdentifierForVendor An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.IsBatteryMonitoringEnabled Checks whether battery monitoring is enabled. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.LocalizedModel The model of the device as a localized string. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.Model The model of the device. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.Name The name identifying the device. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.Orientation Returns the physical orientation of the device. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.OrientationIsLandscape Checks whether orientation is landscape. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.OrientationIsPortrait Checks whether orientation is portrait. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.SetBatteryMonitoringEnabled Changes battery monitoring state. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.SystemName The name of the operating system running on the device represented by the receiver. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.SystemVersion The current version of the operating system. iOS 7.2
iOSDevice.UserInterfaceIdiom The style of interface to use on the current device. iOS 7.2

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