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Component: Barcode

Functions for generating and scanning barcodes.

Generate bar code as image, image file or write on PDF page.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Barcode.Detect Detects a barcode. All 3.5
Barcode.DrawBarcode Draws a barcode into a PDF page. All 3.5
Barcode.EANChecksum Calculates checksum for EAN barcodes. All 5.0
Barcode.Generate Generates a barcode. All 3.5
Barcode.GetPrimary Queries primary parameter. All 7.1
Barcode.ISBNChecksum Calculates checksum for ISBN barcodes. All 5.0
Barcode.SetOptions Sets options for barcode creation. All 4.3
Barcode.SetPrimary Sets primary parameter. All 7.1
Barcode.UPCChecksum Calculates checksum for UPC barcodes. All 3.5
Barcode.WriteFile Generates a barcode and writes to file. All 4.3

10 functions.

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