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Component: Barcode

Functions for generating and scanning barcodes.

Generate bar code as image, image file or write on PDF page.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Barcode.Detect Detects a barcode. All 3.5
Barcode.DrawBarcode Draws a barcode into a PDF page. All 3.5
Barcode.EANChecksum Calculates checksum for EAN barcodes. All 5.0
Barcode.Generate Generates a barcode. All 3.5
Barcode.ISBNChecksum Calculates checksum for ISBN barcodes. All 5.0
Barcode.SetOptions Sets options for barcode creation. All 4.3
Barcode.UPCChecksum Calculates checksum for UPC barcodes. All 3.5
Barcode.WriteFile Generates a barcode and writes to file. All 4.3

8 functions.

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