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Validates the receipt.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Validate 2.2 Yes No Yes, macOS only No No
MBS( "Validate.CheckReceipt"; ReceiptPath; BundleVersion; BundleID )   More


Parameter Description Example value
ReceiptPath The path to your application. MBS( "Validate.FindReceipt" )
BundleVersion The bundle Version of your application. "1.0"
BundleID The bundle ID for your application. "de.monkeybreadsoftware.test"


Returns OK or error code 173.


Validates the receipt.
If you upload your application the Mac App Store, Apple will deliver it with a receipt file included. It is your job to validate this receipt file to avoid unlimited copies of your application. You can pass the path to Apples sample receipt and bundle version "1.0.2" and bundle identifier "com.example.SampleApp" to test with the sample receipt.


Exist if the receipt is not valid:

MBS( "Validate.Exit"; MBS( "Validate.CheckReceipt"; MBS( "Validate.FindReceipt" ); "1.0"; "de.monkeybreadsoftware.test" ) )

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 18th August 2014

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