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New in version 2.2

Name Description Mac/Win
Log Writes the given values to the debug console. All
Math.InsidePolygon Checks if one point is inside a polygon. All
Msgbox A simple method to show a dialog box with one text. All
PDFKit.GetPDFDocument Creates a new PDF Document with the given PDF document. Mac only
PDFKit.GetPDFPagePDF Creates a new PDF Document with the given PDF page. Mac only
PDFKit.GetPDFPagesPDF Creates a new PDF Document with the given PDF pages. Mac only
PDFKit.Open Opens a PDF and returns a PDF Reference value. Mac only
Validate.CheckReceipt Validates the receipt. Mac only
Validate.Exit Quits the application with the given error code. Mac only
Validate.FindReceipt Finds the receipt by looking up the location of the application. Mac only
WebView.GetImage Returns a property of the image with the given index. Mac/Win
WebView.GetImageCount Returns the number of images on the current webpage. Mac/Win
WebView.GetPreferences Queries webview preferences parameters Mac only
WebView.GetURL Queries the current document URL in the webviewer. Mac/Win
WebView.SetPreferences Sets webview preferences parameters. Mac only
Window.HideContent Hides the window content view. Mac only
Window.Move Moves the window animated. Mac/Win
Window.Resize Resizes the window animated. Mac/Win
Window.ShowContent Shows the window content view. Mac only

19 functions.

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