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Requests to open a session on the device.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
ImageCapture 6.4 Yes No No No No
MBS( "ImageCapture.OpenDevice"; Device { ; Wait } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Device The device ID.
Can be zero based index in device list.
Or UUID, Name or persitent ID string.
Wait Optional
Pass 1 to wait till complete.
Or pass 0 to return immediately.
Default is 1 to wait.


Returns OK or error.


Requests to open a session on the device.
A client MUST open a session on a device in order to use the device.

If needed closes current device to open new device.
Added 20 seconds timeout for version 8.1.


Open device:

Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("ImageCapture.OpenDevice"; Images::Device)]
If [MBS("iserror")]
    Show Custom Dialog ["Failed to open"; MBS("Text.RemovePrefix"; $r; "[MBS] ")]
    Exit Script []
End If

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Created 11st September 2016, last changed 14th November 2018

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