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Renames a spot color.

Component: DynaPDF
Version: 7.2
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "DynaPDF.RenameSpotColor"; PDF; Colorant { ; NewName } )


Parameter Description Example value
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
Colorant Colorant name to change. "PANTONE 376 C"
NewName Optional
New name or empty.


Returns number or error.


Renames a spot color.
Renames the spot color Colorant to NewName in all Separation, DeviceN, and NChannel color spaces in which the colorant can be found. If the parameter NewName is set to empty, the function renames the colorant to the special value None which produces no visible output.
The representation of the colorant in the alternate color space is left unchanged, also if the colorant is set to the special value None or All.
The function returns the number of color spaces in which the colorant has been changed. If the function fails the return value is the error message.

See also

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