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New in version 5.2

Name Description Mac/Win
AVAsset.AvailableMetadataFormats Returns a list representing available metadata formats. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Duration Returns the duration of a asset in seconds. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Framerate Looks for first video track and reports the nominal frame rate. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.HasProtectedContent Queries whether the asset has protected content. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Image Returns an image for the asset at or near a specified time. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.IsComposable Queries whether this asset can be used in compositions. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.IsExportable Indicates whether the asset can be exported. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.IsPlayable Checks whether the asset, or its URL, can be played. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.IsReadable Checks whether the asset’s media data can be extracted Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Loaded Queries load status of asset. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Lyrics Queries the lyrics of the asset suitable for the current locale. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Metadata Queries metadata. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.MetadataKeys Queries metadata keys. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.NaturalHeight Queries the natural height of the video. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.NaturalWidth Queries the natural width of the video. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.OpenContainer Opens a movie from a container. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.OpenFile Opens an asset from a file. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.OpenURL Opens a movie from URL. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.PreferredRate Queries the natural rate at which the asset is to be played. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.PreferredVolume Queries the preferred volume at which the audible media of asset is to be played. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.Release Releases the object and all memory used for it. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.TrackCount Queries the track count. Mac/iOS
AVAsset.URL Queries the URL used to open this asset. Mac/iOS
CURL.Check Checks for curl events. All
CURL.GetCertInfo Queries information on the certificate chain. All
CURL.GetFinishedFileName Queries the file name for the finished script to call. All
CURL.GetFinishedScriptName Queries the script name to call when transfer finished. All
CURL.GetProgressFileName Queries progress script file name. All
CURL.GetProgressPercent Queries progress in percent. All
CURL.GetProgressScriptName Queries script name to be called for progress. All
CURL.GetRTSPCSEQRecv Query RTSP sequence counter received. All
CURL.GetRTSPClientCSEQ Query RTSP Client sequence counter. All
CURL.GetRTSPServerCSEQ Query RTSP Server sequence counter. All
CURL.GetRTSPSessionID Query RTSP session ID. All
CURL.GetResultAsContainer Returns the result of the transaction as container value with auto detection of type. All
CURL.GetTag Queries the tag value. All
CURL.NumberOfRunningTransfers Queries number of running transfers. All
CURL.PerformAsync Perform a curl transfer asynchronously. All
CURL.Reset Resets the CURL session. All
CURL.RunningTransfers Queries list of running transfers. All
CURL.SetFinishedScript Sets which script to call when a transfer finished. All
CURL.SetOptionDNSInterface Set the name of the network interface that the DNS resolver should bind to. All
CURL.SetOptionDNSLocalIPv4 Set the local IPv4 address that the resolver should bind to. All
CURL.SetOptionDNSLocalIPv6 Set the local IPv6 address that the resolver should bind to. All
CURL.SetOptionTCPKeepAlive Enable TCP keep-alive probing. All
CURL.SetOptionTCPKeepIdle Set TCP keep-alive idle time wait. All
CURL.SetOptionTCPKeepInterval Set TCP keep-alive interval. All
CURL.SetOptionTransferEncoding Ask for HTTP Transfer Encoding. All
CURL.SetOptionWildCardMatch Enable wildcard matching. All
CURL.SetProgressScript Sets the progress script. All
CURL.SetTag Sets the tag value. All
Container.Deserialize Restores a serialized container value. All
Container.Serialize Serialized a container as a text. All
Dialog.GetTimeout Queries the timeout for dialogs in seconds. Mac/Win
Dialog.SetTimeout Sets a timeout for the dialog in seconds. Mac/Win
Dictionary.Deserialize Restores a serialized dictionary. All
Dictionary.List Returns list of all dictionary IDs. All
Dictionary.Serialize Serialized a dictionary as a text. All
DynaPDF.GetInMetadata Queries input PDF metadata. All
DynaPDF.GetLanguage Returns the language identifier of the document as an ISO 3166 language tag or IANA tag, or "" if not set. All
DynaPDF.GetMetadata Queries metadata from PDF. All
DynaPDF.GetOutputIntent Returns an output intent as well as the properties of it. All
DynaPDF.GetOutputIntentCount Returns the number of available output intents. All
DynaPDF.SetMetadata The function sets or replaces the XMP metadata stream of a specific object. All
EventMonitor.Clear Clears last event captured. Mac/Win
EventMonitor.Install Installs event monitor. Mac/Win
EventMonitor.LastMouseClickButton Queries the index of the last pressed mouse button. Mac/Win
EventMonitor.LastMouseClickIsDoubleClick Queries if last recognized mouse click is a double click. Mac/Win
FM.VariableClearAll Clears all variables. All
Files.FileExtension Queries the file extension of the given path. All
HotKey.GetKeyCode Returns the key code given at registration. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetModifiers Returns the modifiers given at registration. Mac/Win
HotKey.List Lists all hotkeys. Mac/Win
List.Deserialize Restores a serialized list. All
List.Serialize Serialized a list as a text. All
MatrixDongle.Count Returns the number of dongles available at the specified LPT or USB interface. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Find Searches for the dongle and returns the LPT/USB interface at which it was found. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.GetDriverFlag Reads the current USB operating mode of the dongle “HID-Mode” or “Driver-Mode”. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.GetVersionAPI Returns the version number of the Matrix API. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.GetVersionDRV Returns the version number of the LPT driver. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.GetVersionDRV.USB Returns the version number of the Matrix USB driver. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Initialize Initializes the matrix dongle API. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Initialized Checks if matrix dongle was initialized. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.MemorySize Returns the memory size of the dongle in Bytes. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Model Reads the model number of the hardware from the dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.ReadHex Reads the data from the Matrix-Dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.ReadSerialNumber Reads the unique serial number which is assigned to each Matrix-dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.ReadText Reads data as text from the Matrix-Dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Release Closes the Matrix dongle API and frees all memory used. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.SetDriverFlag Sets the dongle to the desired USB operating mode “HID-Mode” or “Driver-Mode”. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.Version Reads the version number of the dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.WriteHex Writes hex encoded text to the dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
MatrixDongle.WriteText Writes text to the dongle. Mac/Win/Linux
NetworkInterfaces.Default Queries default network interface. Mac/Linux/iOS
Notification.SendDirect Sends a notification within FileMaker to all listener. Mac/Win
ProcessActivity.List Lists all activities. Mac/iOS
ProcessActivity.Options Queries option flags. Mac/iOS
ProcessActivity.Reason Queries the reason text. Mac/iOS
ProcessActivity.beginActivity Begins an activity. Mac/iOS
ProcessActivity.endActivity Ends the activity started with ProcessActivity.beginActivity. Mac/iOS
QuickList.Deserialize Restores a serialized list. All
QuickList.InsertValue Inserts a value to a list. All
QuickList.Pop Pops last value from the list. All
QuickList.PopFirst Pops the first value from a list. All
QuickList.Push Pushes a value to the end of the list. All
QuickList.Serialize Serialized a list as a text. All
RichText.ReadHTML Loads a HTML page as rich text. Mac/iOS
RichText.ReadRTF Loads RTF text as rich text. Mac/iOS
SQL.InsertRecords Creates records in FileMaker database for current recordset. All
Schedule.Check Checks if something needs to be run. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ClearEvaluateResult Clears result of last evaluate. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ClearSQLResult Clears result of last SQL query. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.EvaluateAfterDelay Evaluates an expression after a delay. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.EvaluateAtTime Evaluates an expression at a given point in time. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.EvaluateAtTimeStamp Evaluates an expression at a given point in time. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.EvaluateOnIdle Evaluates an expression after a given idle period. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ExecuteSQLAfterDelay Runs a SQL query in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ExecuteSQLAtTime Runs a sql query in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ExecuteSQLAtTimeStamp Runs a SQL query in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.ExecuteSQLOnIdle Runs a SQL query after idle period. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetAutoRelease Queries if scheduled item is removed from list of schedules automatically after execution. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetEvaluate Queries the expression to evaluate. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetEvaluateResult Queries result of last evaluate. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetFileName Returns the file name for the scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetRepeatDelay Queries the delay between scheduled script calls. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetRunCount Queries the number of schedule executions. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetSQL Queries the scheduled SQL command. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetSQLResult Queries result of last SQL query. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetScriptName Returns the script name for the scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetScriptParameter Returns the script parameter for the scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.GetTimeStamp Queries the timestamp of next execution of schedule. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.List Provides a list with all scheduled script starts or SQL commands. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.Release Releases schedule reference. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetAutoRelease Sets if scheduled item is removed from list of schedules automatically after execution. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetEvaluate Sets the expression to evaluate. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetFileName Sets the file name for scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetRepeatDelay Sets the repeat delay for the schedule. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetSQL Sets the SQL for the schedule. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetScriptName Sets the script name for scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetScriptParameter Sets the script parameter for scheduled script start. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.SetTimeStamp Sets the timestamp where a schedule runs the next time. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.StartScriptAfterDelay Runs a script in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.StartScriptAtTime Runs a script in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.StartScriptAtTimeStamp Runs a script in any open FileMaker file. Mac/Win/iOS
Schedule.StartScriptOnIdle Runs a script after idle period. Mac/Win/iOS
SyntaxColoring.CopyButton.GetEnabled Queries whether copy button for script editor is enabled. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.CopyButton.SetEnabled Enables or disables copy script button. Mac only
SystemInfo.IsAdminUser Tries to check if user is admin user on the system. All
SystemInfo.isWindows10 Returns 1 if called on Windows 10. All
Text.Character Creates a character with given number. All
Text.Characters Returns the numbers of characters. All
Text.Code Queries the number of a character. All
Text.ConvertUnicodeToCharacterComposition Converts text by applying unicode character normalization. All
Text.ConvertUnicodeToCharacterDecomposition Converts text by applying unicode character normalization. All
Text.InvalidCharactersForEncoding Checks the text to return all characters which are not preserved when converting text to given text encoding. All
Text.RedefineEncoding Takes a text in a given encoding and reencodes it with other encoding. All
WMIQuery.Connect Connects to WMI server. Win only
WMIQuery.New Creates a new WMI Query object. Win only
WMIQuery.Next Queries the next item in the result of a query. Win only
WMIQuery.PropertyNames Queries a list of property names for current item. Win only
WMIQuery.PropertyType Queries data type of a property. Win only
WMIQuery.PropertyValue Queries the value of the property. Win only
WMIQuery.Query Executes a query. Win only
WMIQuery.Release Releases a query object. Win only
Window.Current Queries the reference number of current window. Mac/Win

169 functions.

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