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Runs a SQL query after idle period.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Schedule 5.2 Yes Yes No No Yes

MBS( "Schedule.ExecuteSQLOnIdle"; DelaySeconds; FileName; SQL Statement { ; ScriptFileName; ScriptName; Column Delimiter; Record Delimiter; RepeatDelay; Params } )


Parameter Description Example value
DelaySeconds The Number of Seconds to wait before running the script. Moving the mouse or using keyboard will reset the counter. 10
FileName The target database name. Can be empty to not limit query to one database. ""
SQL Statement SQL Statement as a Text string
ScriptFileName Optional
The name of the file that contains the script to be run.
ScriptName Optional
The exact name of the script to run.
Column Delimiter Optional
Columns Separator, only used with SELECT statement. Default is TAB.
Record Delimiter Optional
Record Separator, only used with SELECT statement, Default is Return
RepeatDelay Optional
The number of seconds after which to repeat the script call.
Params Optional
Optional, pass here parameters. One parameter to this function for each parameter you want to pass to the SQL statement.


Returns reference number or error.


Runs a SQL query after idle period.
This SQL query is performed in FileMaker whenever no user activity has been for the given amount of time.
If script is called, the user is idle the given time period. Than once user starts working again, the count is reset and next time the user is idle again, the script can be called. So our idle schedules repeat automatically.
Please use Schedule.Release later to remove schedule from list.
Our plugin does not provide persistence. You need to schedule things in your scripts if you need them. When FileMaker quits, the plugin forgets the list of schedules.
Unless you call Schedule.Check to perform due schedules now, the schedules are performed at idle time, so all the SQL commands are available including INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE and even ALTER TABLE.

With plugin version 6.0 or newer the script name can be a script ID number. In that case the plugin queries the script name for the given script ID. This allows to call scripts by ID and avoid problems if scripts are later renamed.

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Created 21st May 2015, last changed 27th January 2016

Schedule.ExecuteSQLAtTimeStamp   -   Schedule.GetAutoRelease

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